Write a Letter to Class Teacher for Approval of Teachers’ Day Program

How do I write a letter to my class teacher for approval of the Teachers’ Day program?

Do you want to write a letter to your class teacher to convince her or him to celebrate Teacher’s Day in offline mode amidst the corona pandemic? This sample letter is written for students’ reference. You can even copy-paste the same letter if needed.

The Class Teacher
ABC Public School
Subject: Request Approval for Teacher’s Day Programme

Respected Madam,
I hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe. As you know, that our school has a tradition of celebrating teacher’s day every year. Unluckily, last year it could not be celebrated due to the rising cases of covid-19.
But it appears now that the second wave is steadily receding. So, we can expect to think of celebrating 5th September this year (2021) in our school. You know well that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a class 12th student. Every student waits eagerly for this day in his/her school life.
Ma’am, I request with the consent of all the students of class 12th of our school that students be allowed to celebrate teacher’s Day. We will make sure to follow all the covid protocols to keep us all safe. I hope you can understand and help us in creating memories before we leave our second home forever.
Thank you
Your Name

Note: Approval seeking letters must be written in a polite tone. The writer should try to convince the reader if he/she grants permission it would not be misused.

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