How to Write a Letter to get Replacement for a Damaged Product

Let’s admit that backpacks are one of the most essential accessories that we need in everyday life. Whether you are a college-goer or an office goer, you need a backpack to carry all your important stuff in, starting from books to laptops to water bottles. I can understand how you would feel if your bag becomes useless or its chain comes off before time. You can try claiming the warranty with this sample mail.

I am enclosing a sample letter for replacement of damaged goods. You can get the email id of almost all the brands from Google. You can copy this mail as it is or make the necessary changes. Don’t forget to attach pictures of the invoice, warranty card, and damaged product.

How I claimed Replacement of my School Bag even after Warranty Period Expired

customer care mail for damaged product
Dear Safari Bag Company,

I am writing to you regarding a bag that I purchased from your company three years ago with my savings from my pocket money.

Unfortunately, I have encountered an issue with my bag. The chains of the bag have come out from two places, which has made it difficult for me to use the bag. I am disappointed that this issue has occurred, especially as I expected more from a reputed brand such as Safari.

While I understand that the warranty period has expired, I believe that your company should still take responsibility for the quality of your products. As your company claims to offer a lifetime guarantee on your traveling bags, I kindly request that you consider replacing my school bag with a new bag. This would be greatly appreciated, and I believe it would help to restore my confidence in the quality of your products.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
PS: I don’t have the original bill or any other proof of purchase except the photographs of the bag that I am attaching here.


If that email did not work, you should buy a new backpack for yourself. Backpacks that are used almost on a daily basis must be strong, durable, water-resistant, and long-lasting. Taking all these important features into account, we are makinga list of the best bags for you. Check out.

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