Dialogue Writing Between Lencho and Postmaster

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Q12. In ‘A Letter to God’, Lencho asks for remaining 30 pesos from God distrusting the postmaster. Based on your understanding of the story and the characters, showcase an imaginary situation wherein both characters discuss the issue.

Ans. 12 This question is framed from the lesson ‘A letter to God’ of class 10. Imaginary Dialogue Writing Between Lencho and Postmaster:

Lencho: Give back my remaining money.

Postmaster: Which money are you talking about?

Lencho: God had sent me 100 pesos, but I have got only 70 in this envelope. You all are a bunch of crooks.

Postmaster: Mind your tongue, Mr. Lencho. Do you mean to say that I have robbed your money?

Lencho: Yes, You have secretly taken away 30 pesos from the letter that God sent to me.

Postmaster: O God, there is no place for good deeds.

Lencho: What do you mean by that?

Postmaster: May God give you courage to hear the truth.

Lencho: What truth?

Postmaster: Actually the postoffice staff collected this money to help you. But, we could collect seventy pesos only instaed of the whole amount requested by you.

Lencho: Do you want to say that God did not answer my letter? No, it can’t be true.

Postmaster: You got it right. We wanted your devotion to God to stay forever.

Lencho: Oh, what a fool I was. I apologise you for my words. I am very sorry. Now, I know, that God helps those who help themselves.

It is a new type of question asked in CBSE based on a new pattern insisting Art Integrated learning. Students of all classes must practise this dialogue writing session to improve their English writing skills as well as logical thinking.

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