Conversation between God, Lencho and the Postmaster

Dialogue-based questions have been included by CBSE in the literature section of almost all the classes from 6-12 to enhance the thought-provoking concept among students. Although the given conversation script is not provided in the lesson itself, it has to be visualised by the students on their own. This way children shall learn to think and write their thoughts in words. Moreover, it is a scoring topic as the students can write as per their imagination.

How would you write a conversation between God, Lencho and the postmaster? | CBSE Class 10 A letter to God Extra Question Answer

(It is an imaginary conversation between Lencho, God and the postmaster. In the lesson, Lencho had written a letter to God asking for 100 pesos because the hailstorm had completely destroyed his cornfield. He had no money to buy food for his family. He had complete faith that God would send him money. But, when Lencho opens the envelope he finds only 70 pesos. Now, he is angry at the postal staff. Here, starts our imaginary conversation between Lencho, God and the postmaster. Let’s read how it continues –

Lencho: God, if I had known these Post Office employees were crooks, I would have never asked for money through them.

(Postmaster Listening)

Lencho to God: I know you cannot betray me, isn’t there any other way you can send me the rest of the amount? And you must teach these crooks a lesson.

Postmaster (amazed at his innocence): Hey! Old man, I envy your faith in God. But do you really think it was God who had sent you the money?

Lencho (in annoyance): No question about it. Who else could it be? You? 

Postmaster (whispering): Why not I?

Lencho (angrily): Look, God! Now it is proved that he is the culprit. He wants to take all the credit. 

God: (voice echoing) Lencho, my son I need a messenger to help my people in distress. The Postmaster was my messenger. 

(Both Lencho & the Postmaster are shocked)

Lencho (with gaping mouth): But where are you?

God: You will find me in good souls like the postmaster and you. 

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