Analytical Paragraph Class 10 Solved Example with Bar Graph

It is a classic analytical paragraph question. Do follow the correct format and stay within the word limit. For CBSE class 10 Analytical paragraph word limit is 100-120 words. For IELTS it can be 150 -200 words. Here, we are writing the answer for the 10th class. CBSE directed the students to keep the following points in mind while writing an analytical paragraph:

  1. It should be written in a single paragraph containing 100-120 words only.
  2. Paraphrasing
  3. use of appropriate functional language (more/less/ increase/ decrease/stable etc.) to achieve cohesion-
  4. accuracy in analysis- at least 4 clearly identified trends
  5. conclusion
  6. 3 marks for content and 2 marks for Expression

The following chart shows the calorie sources of people of Delhi at different age periods. Analyse the given chart in not more than 120 words.

Analytical Paragraph Sample Answer

The bar graph shows the different calorific sources of people of Delhi at varying age groups, 0 to 24, 25 – 49, and 50 plus. The sources are dairy, cereals, pulses and vegetables. From birth to age 24, 40 per cent of calories are coming from dairy products and the other sources were equal at around 20%. For the 25 to 49 age group, the largest source is cereals at exactly 50% of total calorie intake, followed by dairy, vegetables, and pulses respectively. In the 50-plus group pulses contribute over 60% of calories, and cereals, dairy and vegetables together added to less than 40% of food requirements.
In short, it can be said that each group is inclined toward a specific caloric source over the other. Vegetables stayed at lower levels in all the age groups.

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