Was 2020 a Good Year or a Bad Year?

The year 2020 was a struggling year for the world. But, the year brought much good news too. Read on this article to analyse the writer’s opinions about the happenings in the year 2020. What is your standpoint- Was 2020 a Good Year or a Bad Year for you? Let’s read this essay ‘How pandemics affect people’.

Was 2020 a Good Year or a Bad Year?

Devanshi, my nine years old daughter said, “2020 is the worst year of my life.” My son laughed at her by saying, “your little life comprises only nine years.” I smiled at his silly joke at that time. The next day while reading my spiritual lectures I was startled to know that 2020 was a year of miracles.

I was in a fix and kept brooding whether 2020 was a good year or a bad year. So many souls have departed from the earth, the economy has come to a standstill, many have lost their jobs, others who managed to retain their jobs are getting a marginalized salary, loved ones are not able to meet each other, people cannot visit their deity’s places.

Businesses were forced to shut down without thinking about the huge monetary losses. Monkeys are bathing in the swimming pools of five-star hotels. Can you imagine the setback of the hotel and tourism industry? Share market crumbled like never before. Crude oil saw negative prices for the first time in its history.

After so much devastation how we can say that it is a year of miracles. We can only think of staying out of the covid-19 alien. But, on digging deeper I went into flashback when coronavirus was a guest in India.

I reminded myself of clear rainbows and starry nights that could be seen after many decades. I heard the beautiful singing of the cuckoo. The breeze was pleasant, birds and animals were making love sounds. Environmentalists’ happiness knew no bounds to witness the detoxification process of nature.

Everyone started enjoying time with family members and the vibrations of hurrying up to work were given a full stop. It was a year of self-introspection. I think this is God’s plan to give us a break from a fast-paced life.

It was an opportunity in disguise and everyone should try to look at the positive aspects. For so many years we kept thinking that if we would have got time we would have done this or that. This is the right time to indulge in all those activities; learn yoga, dance, meditation, read scriptures and do all the good things which we were waiting for for a long time. One can learn cooking and win the heart of all the family members.

Declutter your house and cleanse your mind of all the past incidents and become light. In case, God forbids, if you catch a corona infection, follow our age-old home remedies – like steam inhalation, yoga exercise, herbs decoctions and self-quarantine and come out of it miraculously with antibodies developed in your body.

So do not focus on the half-empty glass, simply shift your focus to the half-full glass. The year 2020 is not at all a bad year. Nature needs a break to heal itself when humans do not take proper care of it. Enjoy every moment of your life irrespective of the situations around you. Nothing is permanent in this world, neither good nor bad.

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About the author: This article has been penned down by NEERU GOEL. She is a teacher (PGT) in a prestigious school of New Delhi, a YouTuber, and a blogger. She is trying to spread positivity in the tough times of coronavirus through her writings. Please comment below if you liked this article.

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