International Yoga Day | Important Questions about Yoga Day

The 8th International Day of Yoga (IDY) will be celebrated on 21st June 2022. The worldwide acceptance of Yoga is a matter of pride for our country India, as Yoga is an integral part of our cultural and spiritual heritage.

Important Questions about Yoga Day

1. When is International Yoga Day celebrated?

Ans: Yoga Day is celebrated on 21 June every year.

2. What is the theme for International Yoga Day 2022?

Ans: International Yoga Day 2022 theme is Yoga for Humanity.

3. What was the theme of International Yoga Day 2021?

Ans: International Yoga Day 2021 Theme was ‘Yoga for well-being’.

4. What was the theme of Yoga Day 2020?

Ans: The theme of International Day Yoga 2020 was ‘Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family’

5. When was First International Yoga Day celebrated?

Ans: First International Day of Yoga was celebrated on 21st June 2015

INTERNATIONAL Yoga DAY (IDY) 21 June 2022 | Activities for Yoga Day

Is practising yoga the only way to celebrate IDY? Can somebody suggest ways to celebrate Yoga Day in a different style? Here is a long list of activities for Yoga Day to mark it different.

  1. Awareness Rally (Yog se Nirog); Nukkad Natak on Yoga
  2. Talk on Yoga by eminent Yoga Teachers/Gurus
  3. Seminar and Exhibition on the Importance of Yoga
  4. Organise – Mass Yoga sessions, Painting competitions, Poster Making, Slogan Writing, Essay
  5. Writing Competition, Showing Videos on Yoga, Quizzes, Debates
  6. Visit Old Age Home or an Orphanage and organise a Yoga session
  7. Inter-School Yoga Competitions
  8. Organise Yoga and Meditation sessions for School Management, Staff, Students, Parents and the Community
  9. Mass Surya Namaskar display
  10. Make a human Pyramid on the school premises using various Yoga postures
  11. Performing Mass Yoga at some nearby historic Monument/Iconic site
  12. Performing Skit on Yoga and uploading on Youtube/Facebook
  13. Clay Moulding – Favourite Yoga Pose
  14. Essay writing competition on Benefits of Yoga
  15. Wall Painting depicting various Yoga Postures
  16. Workshop for Mothers to make Yoga a daily lifestyle
  17. Display of different poses of Yoga through Fit India Yoga Mobile App

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