India is Becoming More Equal With Time

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Diverse Culture In India

Whenever we talk about India we talk of ‘unity in diversity’. We feel proud about ourselves and our diverse culture. This diverse culture has bestowed us with variety of people. Every culture has its own norms and traditions. So, we can’t expect a uniform code of conduct from 137 crore human beings of India.

There are inequalities in many spheres of practical life

  • Gender Inequality
  • Inter Caste Marriages
  • Caste and Creed
  • Religion
  • Income Inequalities

Women Empowerment

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In traditional India men held a superior place than women.As males were engaged in money making for the whole family. Gender inequality has reduced drastically over the years. In today’s world we see a totally different scenario. Now women have stepped out of their houses and they have started working with equal expertise. 

Gender Equality

In conservative India even professions were classified on gender basis. In other words, cooking was reserved for women and sports made men proud. But, in 21st century we can see many gentlemen like Sanjeev Kapur, Vikas Khanna cooking food in 5 star hotels as popular chefs. Mithali Raj, P.T.Usha, and Mary Com are some of women’s names who have brought laurels to country in sports. Indira Nooyi, Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Bedi are taking India to new heights. We can proudly say that India is becoming more equal with time. India is empowering with the equal support of women and men.

Caste System Abolished

Traditional India placed unequal value on different castes. So called high class people did not allow any relationships with the lower classes. Be it in the form of marriages, relations or friendships. But, India’s youth has not inherited this trait from their ancestors. As a result inter- caste marriages have increased several folds. Our people do not prefer cast as a symbol which determines marriages. Caste system is not prevalent in today’s era leaving behind certain exception of honour killing.

Income Inequalities

The standard of living has improved in India over the time. Statistics show that the poor are not getting poorer. Let’s analyse it from a different angle now. The richest have cornered a huge part of the wealth created through inheritance.

They are getting richer at a fast speed while the poor are still struggling to earn a minimum wage and access basic health and education services. In fact, the gap between rich and poor has become more wide.

Secularism in India

India is a blend of different culture. Being a secular country every citizen of India is free to choose and follow the religion of his/her choice. We celebrate Diwali, Eid, Christmas and Guru Purab with the same zeal irrespective of our religion.

But, recently the Killing of people in East Delhi over Hindu- Muslim controversies and the dharnas at Jamia University against CAA were shameful.


At last it can be concluded that India is becoming more equal with time but still there are some corrupt elements in the society such as some political parties, powerful economic elites and privileged people who try to obstruct the way of equality.

Therefore, in India, and in much of the world the destinies of poor people, women and some of the disadvantaged communities remain unchanged, however hard they struggle.


DiverseShowing great deal of variety
NormsUsual, typical, normal
Conservativelong established, in accordance with tradition
AncestorsForefather, predecessor
Honour KillingKIlling of the memeber of a family who have brought
disgrace for family
AccessApproach, enter a place
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