Essay on Why is Education Important | Paragraph on Education

This article will help the readers to write a long essay on Importance of Education in students’ life. How does education help students to fulfil their ambition? Why do children go to school? Difficult word meanings are also given at the end of the essay.

Essay on Importance of Education | Paragraph on Education | Why is Education Important

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“Destiny of a nation is shaped in its classrooms”

When a nation invests in its educational resources, it is going to reap its benefits in the future. The present scenario of India substantiates this point. India started spending heavily on its educational infrastructure soon after its independence and stressed education for all. India is providing the best in world education facilities to its children. Today these children are paying back to India in multiplied returns.

Importance of Education

Everyone wants to fly but only education can give you those wings to fly. With inadequate knowledge, we will fall off and break our noses. A common misconception is that education comes only from schools and colleges or other institutes. But, learning is a never-ending process and the role of informal education can not be underestimated.

Why is Education Important

Education expands our vision. It enables us to know the world beyond our surroundings. Traditionally when educational resources were insufficient the same business or occupation was carried forward in a family. The son of a carpenter was destined to be a carpenter. In other words, they were not utilising their full talent.

On the contrary, an educated person has a lot of job opportunities waiting for him on the other side of the door. He can choose from a variety of options and not be obligated to do something he dislikes.

Eduaction helps in Development

Education opens the mind to a vast array of fields available in the real world. Education exposes the real calibre of a child that he was unaware of. When a child gets to know his real capabilities and his field of interest, he does that with great enthusiasm and happiness. It increases his productivity and satisfaction.

His success, in return, contributes to the success of the nation. It takes him to the great ocean of knowledge and works as a torchbearer in the way of bringing out pearls from that ocean without being drowned.

Education lays the foundation stone for our future. Education lets the learner break the barriers of caste, gender, society, and motivates him on the path of success. As a result, children become more liberal and rational. It enhances the individual growth of a person. Above all, it aids in building a better society for the citizens of a country by improving its economic growth. The present industrial society has opened up plenty of occupations that require people with specialized skills and knowledge. Vocational education bridges that gap and solves the problem of unemployment.

Conclusion: Essay on Importance of Education

We can proudly say that technological advancement is the result of education. Education shrinks the distance between countries. Our whole life is the process of learning and gaining new and useful knowledge. Education is an investment to enjoy and secure life. Only if you believe and work hard you can achieve anything.

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Education Essay Keywords

DestinyFate, fortune
Reapto gain, to get benefits from something
SubstantiatesTo prove, show to be true, to support
InadequateInsufficient, meagre, less
MisconceptionIncorrect opinion, false impression
Underestimateconsider something less than its true value
LiberalOpen to new ideas, broad-minded

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