Case-Based Unseen passage | Impacts of Festivities on Ecology

Read the following excerpt from a case study titled Impacts of Festivities on Ecology. This case-based passage is helpful for class 9-12 students. It is an unseen passage with subjective questions. All the questions are fully answered. However, you should always try to write answers in your own language to improve your writing skills.

Case-Based Unseen passage for Class 9-12 | Case Study Based Passage with Answers

Read the following excerpt from a case study titled Impacts of Festivities on Ecology.

Festivals are synonymous with celebration, ceremony and joy. However, festivals bring to the fore the flip side of celebrations – pollution – air, water, soil and noise. This led to the need of assessing the awareness level among people about ecological pollution during festivals. So, a study was conducted by scholars from an esteemed university in India. This study was titled Awareness Towards Impact of Festivals on Ecology.

There were two main objectives of the study. The first one was to assess the awareness level among people about ecological protection during festivities. Exploring solutions to bring awareness about celebrating festivals without harming ecology was the second objective. The method used to collect data was a simple questionnaire containing 6 questions, shared with 50 respondents across four selected districts of a state in the southern region of India.

The research began by understanding the socio-economic conditions of the respondents before sharing the questionnaire. Once the responses were received, the data collected were tabulated (Table 1), for analysis.

Table-1: Awareness level among respondents

QuestionsYes %No %Can’t Say %
1. Do you feel that bursting crackers is a must during festivities?46540
2. Do you think most people abuse environmental resources during the celebration of festivals?72280
3. Do you think that celebrations & festivities result in uniting people?64324
4. Do you enjoy bursting crackers for amusement?68320
5. Do you feel pressured to burst crackers during festivals as an expectation of your
social status?
6. Are you aware of waste segregation & disposal guidelines for better ecology?56404

The study recommended the imposition of strict rules and regulations as opposed to a total ban on all festive activities which have a drastic impact on our environment. The researchers believed that such measures would help in harnessing some ill-effects that add to the growing pollution and suggested further studies be taken up across the country to assess awareness about ecological degradation.

The observations made in the study pointed to the environmental groups and eco-clubs fighting a losing battle due to city traffic issues, disposal of plastics, garbage dumping and all sorts of ecological degradation. The researchers stressed that the need of the hour is increasing awareness among people to reduce environmental pollution which can be facilitated by celebrating all festivals in an eco-friendly manner.

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Source: CBSE Term 2 Sample Paper Class 10

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On the basis of your understanding of the passage, answer the following questions. Each question carries 1 mark. word limit is 20-40 words.

i Why do the researchers call pollution the ‘flip side’ of festivals?

ANS: With the celebration of festivals we unintentionally pollute our ecology by throwing leftovers in water, bursting crackers in the air and playing loud music. It is an inseparable yet ignored side of festivals. That’s why pollution is called the flip side of festivals.

ii Comment on the significance of the second objective of the study with reference to lines 7-12.

ANS: The second objective tries to explore solutions by focusing on what needs to be avoided and corrected to solve the problem of pollution during festivals.

iii Justify the researchers’ recommendation for limiting the drastic impact of festival pollution on the environment with reference to lines 16-21.

ANS: The researchers’ recommendation of imposing strict laws and regulations as opposed to a strict ban is justified because a complete ban may induce people to revolt. Moreover, total banning does not create awareness among people to save the environment.

iv Why do the researchers feel that environmental groups and eco-clubs are fighting a losing battle in the given scenario?

ANS: Environmental groups and Eco clubs are putting in a lot of money and effort to save the environment. But, their work goes wasted when people harm the ecology in the name of festivals. That’s why the researchers feel that these groups are fighting a losing battle.

v Even though a larger number of people say ‘no’ to bursting crackers than those who say ‘yes’, festival pollution persists. How does evidence from table 1 support this statement?

ANS: Although 54% of people accept that bursting crackers is not important, still 82% of them feel pressured to burst crackers to show off their status. Out of the total respondents, 68% enjoy bursting crackers for amusement and do not try to limit the use of polluting agents.

vi What purpose does the ‘Can’t Say’ column serve in the questionnaire (table 1)?

ANS: It allows the respondents not to answer any question if they are unsure about it or lack information about it or do not want to reveal their preferences.

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