Impact of War on Society Essay | War and its Effects

The present generation read about fights and wars in stories and books only but with the proclamation of the Russia and Ukraine war, the impact of war on the modern world is clearly visible to all of us. War has always left the world with death and destruction. Let’s write down an essay on war and its effects on people and countries.

Why you should read this essay –

The world knows about The Russia-Ukraine War. Are you ready for war?
Hold on…hold on…don’t take me literally.
You might not be aware that the Writing Section in your language paper is guided by current affairs.
Last year our newspapers were flooded with the news of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine and now it is Israel vs Hamas War.
So, you have to have knowledge of Essays and Paragraphs on War and learn new words associated with war, weapons and soldiers. Let’s start reading…
Hoping the war stops soon! 

Impact of War on the Modern World

Outline for an Essay on War

  • History of wars
  • thoughts associated with wars
  • Negative effects of war
  • Why do countries resort to wars
  • any recent example
  • Conclusion – how to avoid wars

“Peace is the virtue of civilization. War is its crime.”

-Victor Hugo.

War is a war, it cannot be stated ‘correct’ under any given circumstance. The world had been through two world wars, enough for humanity to learn its lessons. But it seems that the world would rather be a fool and repeat it. Man’s insatiable hunger for power, unquenchable thirst for money and unsatisfiable greed to acquire has resulted in a world of dominance, mistrust, lack of faith, selfishness, self-centeredness and intolerance effectuating conflict and war. Who gains from war? A clamant question not figured out yet.

Jonathan Maberry’s words express the real impact of war, “They won the war but lost the peace”. 

Essay on Effects of War Class 6 -12 (500 words)

War leaves unrest among people, both on the winning and losing sides. The victims are not only those who die in the war but also those who survive. The aftermath of war is so horrendous that many have to live with disabilities, not only physical but emotional, mental and even social.

The use of precision weapons, nuclear and chemical weapons in war causes destruction on a large scale, having long-term effects. The everyday agony of dealing with personal loss aggravates with the economic crisis a country has to cope with. The modern world is not an isolated place, it is a global village, thanks to technology. In the present times, the effects of war are not restricted to a particular country but have a far-reaching impact on the whole world. 

Citing preparedness and uncertainty as reasons, nations tend to allocate a large chunk of money to the army and for the development of war weapons. As a consequence, the country suffers on the front of health and education. It may not be a cause of concern for a developed country but once caught in this vicious circle, the economy of a developing nation deteriorates further impacting every aspect of modern life. 

To deal with such a crisis, many rights of the citizens are taken away and taxes are imposed furthering uproar and uprising. After a war, it takes years for a country to recover and who can guarantee no another? The recent Russia-Ukraine war has taken a toll on the whole world. All countries are suffering from the brunt directly or indirectly.

On one hand when the whole world is fighting a war against climate change, increasing population and pandemics like COVID-19, these political wars or wars of revenge or subjugation, whatever you may call them, seem too extraneous. A misstep of one can result in a disaster for the whole world. Then, why not take responsibility and address the problem of global warming, overuse of resources, overpopulation, poverty etc? 

The modern world needs to achieve the ‘exotic moment’ recommended by Pablo Neruda in his poem ‘Keeping quiet’-

 ‘and we will all keep still’.

During this stillness, as suggested by him, the world will better itself by introspection. 

“It’s time for us to turn to each other, not on each other.”

Jesse Jackson.

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Difficult word meanings for Effects of War Essay

Proclamationan official announcement, युद्ध का ऐलान
Insatiablethat can’t be satisfied
Unquenchablenot able to be satisfied by drinking
Clamantan instant need
Horrendousvery bad
BruntThe worst part of an action
SubjugationCaptivity, to suppress
Extraneousirrelevant or unrelated
exoticUnusual in an interesting way

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