Creative Writing Practice – If you could add any sport to the Olympics what would you choose?

Q – If you could add any sport, skill, or activity to the Olympics – and then compete in it – what would you choose? Do you think it would be popular with other people? (This question is designed to allow you to be creative)


If I could introduce a new sport or activity to the Olympics and compete in it, I would choose “Drone Racing.” Drone racing involves piloting small, agile drones through intricate courses at high speeds, navigating obstacles and performing aerial manoeuvres. This sport has gained popularity in recent years and has the potential to be an exciting addition to the Olympic lineup.

Drone racing combines elements of technology, skill, and strategy. It requires a deep understanding of aerodynamics, engineering, and remote piloting. Athletes would need to build and customize their drones, pushing the boundaries of technology to gain a competitive edge. It’s not just a test of physical ability but also a showcase of innovation.

Drone racing could be a hit with a global audience. The sport offers a thrilling spectator experience with first-person view (FPV) cameras on the drones, allowing viewers to feel like they are inside the cockpit. The fast-paced, dynamic nature of the races, with drones whizzing through challenging courses, would make for captivating television. The global drone community is growing rapidly, and including drone racing in the Olympics would attract enthusiasts and new fans alike.

Moreover, drone racing aligns with the modern world’s fascination with technology and innovation. It represents a bridge between traditional sports and the digital age, making it appealing to a broad demographic. As an Olympic event, it could inspire young generations to get involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields and spark interest in robotics and aviation.

In summary, introducing drone racing to the Olympics could tap into the growing enthusiasm for technology, provide a thrilling viewing experience, and encourage innovation. While it might be a departure from traditional sports, it has the potential to become a popular addition to the Olympic program, attracting both participants and viewers from around the world.

Answer 2

If I had the opportunity to introduce a new sport, skill, or activity to the Olympics and compete in it, I would choose “EcoAthletics,” a concept that combines traditional athletic competition with environmental awareness and conservation. EcoAthletics would feature a series of challenges and events that not only test an athlete’s physical prowess but also their knowledge and dedication to preserving the natural world. The events would include tree planting races, waste reduction obstacle courses, and eco-friendly decathlons.

EcoAthletics aims to raise awareness about environmental issues while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Athletes would not only compete for medals but also for a cause, earning points for each environmentally-friendly action they take during the games. This could involve recycling, energy conservation, or promoting sustainable practices within their communities.

I believe EcoAthletics would resonate with a broad audience. In an era when climate change and environmental issues are at the forefront of global concerns, an Olympic event that champions sustainability and eco-consciousness would capture the interest of many. The inclusion of EcoAthletics could inspire athletes and spectators alike to adopt more environmentally responsible lifestyles, creating a positive impact beyond the games.

Furthermore, EcoAthletics could be a fantastic platform for showcasing innovative technologies and solutions for a more sustainable future. It would encourage research and development in eco-friendly sports equipment and infrastructure, leaving a lasting legacy for the environment.

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