How to Write an Impressive Essay in any language

6 Mantras to Write a scoring Essay

Essay or paragraph writing is very common in schools. Since our childhood, we are taught to write essays or paragraphs on different topics to express our thoughts and knowledge.

In primary classes, kids learn to write small sentences on easy topics like; My School, My Pet Animal, My Family etc.

In middle and high school, students need to write page long essays or articles on current topics. Mostly Essays account for 10% of the total marks. But nobody cares to teach you, ‘How to write an essay’. So, students must learn the proper technique of writing an essay. Always follow the below-mentioned essay writing tips and steps to write a meaningful and marks scoring Essay:

Tips to write an Impressive Essay

  1. Select the topic.
  2. Keep the word limit in mind.
  3. Always start by defining or describing the topic of the essay.
  4. Write all the possible ideas related to your topic; tradition or history, advantages or disadvantages, effects or possible outcomes.
  5. Write small paragraphs on most related topics.
  6. Always end by writing a conclusion.

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