How to Write an Analytical Paragraph on Concept Chart

The graphical representation of an idea or information through circles, squares, rectangles, lines, arrows and very limited text is called a concept chart. We encounter a similar scenario in the form of bar graphs, line charts, maps, pie charts etc.

How to Write an Analytical Paragraph on Concept Chart | CBSE Class 10 Concept Chart Writing

CBSE has included these graphical representations in the writing section of the class 10th English syllabus. The students are expected to write a paragraph by analysing these diagrams and extracting maximum textual information from them. Two solved questions are given here to help out the students with their exams.

Write a paragraph in 100-120 words analysing the given concept chart showing the evidence, causes and solutions of climate change.

The given diagram shows the causes of climate change with evidence and solutions. The change in climate is attributed to some human activities and certain natural environmental changes. There has been an extreme increase in weather due to climatic changes. It is evident from the melting glaciers and warming oceans. To reverse these adverse effects two changes in human behaviour have been suggested. Humans should reduce the burning of fossil fuels and try to explore renewable sources of energy. In addition to that further research should be conducted to find out ways to minimise the negative climate changes to occur in future.

Write a paragraph for the reasons for the failure of students as shown in the concept chart given below.

The diagram specifies the reasons for the failure of students in their studies. The lack of proper study habits and proper guidance can be the two main reasons for their failure. Watching TV and spending time on social media, wasting too much time on games and bad company are among certain causes that can spoil the study habits of students.
Whereas some students who are willing to study do not get a suitable environment. However, students who lack ambition and motivation need guidance to devote time to study. To conclude, suitable steps can be taken in this direction after recognising the real cause of the failure of students.

Study the Concept Chart on Setback Situation

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