Conversation Between Mother and Young Seagull

His First Flight by Liam O’Flaherty – Conversation Question Class 10 English

write an imaginary conversation between the young and mother seagull where the Mother is trying to do away with his fear of flying.

Dialogue Writing Class 10 English

Mother Seagull: Why are you sitting here alone, my dear?

Young Seagull: I’m scared, Mother. I can’t fly like the others.

Mother Seagull: Everyone feels scared at first. You must try.

Young Seagull: But what if I fall?

Mother Seagull: Falling is part of learning. You have strong wings.

Young Seagull: I saw my brothers and sisters fly so easily.

Mother Seagull: They were scared too, but they tried. Now it’s your turn.

Young Seagull: My wings feel weak.

Mother Seagull: Your wings are equally strong. You need to believe in them.

Young Seagull: I want to fly but cannot move from here.

Mother Seagull: Look at the sky. Imagine yourself there.

Young Seagull: It looks so high. I’m afraid, Mother.

Mother Seagull: Fear is natural. Courage is overcoming it.

Young Seagull: How do I find courage?

Mother Seagull: Think of the joy of flying, the freedom.

Young Seagull: Will you help me, Mother?

Mother Seagull: I’m always here for you. Take a small step first.

Young Seagull: What if my wings don’t come out?

Mother Seagull: They will. Just flap them and jump.

Young Seagull: I’ll try… but stay close, please.

Mother Seagull: I’m right here. Now, flap your wings.

Young Seagull: Okay, I’m flapping. It feels strange.

Mother Seagull: Good! Now, move to the edge and look down.

Young Seagull: It’s so far down, Mother! I can’t.
I am so hungry.

Mother: I will get you a piece of fish to eat.

Mother: Come near to me and take this fish. Else, I am going back

Young Seagull: Please come here, I can’t fly, I will fall into the water.

Mother Seagull: Trust your wings. Trust yourself.

Young Seagull: Here I go… I’m jumping!

Mother Seagull: That’s it! Keep flapping!

Young Seagull: I’m flying! I’m really flying!

Mother Seagull: I knew you could do it! Well done, my brave one.

Young Seagull: Thank you, Mother. I couldn’t have done it without you.

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