His First Flight Class 10 CBSE Question Bank

His First Flight Extra Question Answers from CBSE Question Bank were released for class 10 English. Although Diary Entry has not been specifically added to the class 10 syllabus still, students must learn this as it is asked under 3 and 5 marker questions. Dialogue writing is another topic that needs students’ attention. Listen to the Hindi explanation of ‘His First Flight Extra Question Answer’ to understand it in a better way.

His First Flight Extract Based MCQ

His First Flight Multiple Choice Question Answers Class Question Bank

Q3 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based on an extract

(A) The day before, all day long, he had watched his parents flying about with his brothers and sister, perfecting them in the art of flight, teaching them how to skim the waves and how to dive for fish. He had, in fact, seen his older brother catch his first herring and devour it, standing on a rock, while his parents circled around raising a proud cackle. And all morning the whole family had walked about on the big plateau midway down the opposite cliff taunting him with his cowardice.

i Based on the given sentence, pick the option that corresponds to what human parents would say. ‘while his parents circled around raising a proud cackle.’

a) Well done!
b) Oh no!
c) Ready?!
d) Really!?

ii Which option lists the image nearest to ‘skim the waves’?

His first flight class 10 cbse question bank answers

a) image (i)
b) image (ii)
c) image (iii)
d) image (iv)

iii Imagine that the young gull attended a workshop on inspiration and confidence-building and received a couple of pieces of advice. Choose the option that reflects these pieces of advice, most relevant to his situation.

His first flight class 10 cbse question bank

a) (i) and (ii)
b) (ii) and (iii)
c) (iii) and (iv)
d) (i) and (iv)

iv Which of the following feelings did the young gull, NOT feel according to the given context? “…all day long, he had watched his parents flying about with his brothers and sister…”

(i) sad (ii) incompetent (iii) excluded (iv) ungrateful
(v) inspired (vi) jealous (vii) anxious
a) i, iii, vi
b) ii, v, vii
c) ii, iii, vii
d) iv, v, vi

v Select the most appropriate option for the following:
devour : guzzle: : nibble : ______

a) chew
b) savour
c) peck
d) gulp

Answer key for MCQs A)
i. – a)
ii – c)
iii – c)
iv – d)
v – c)

His First Flight Class 10 Important MCQ | CBSE Question Bank

(B) He just felt a bit dizzy. Then he flapped his wings once and he soared upwards. “Ga, ga, ga, Ga, ga, ga, Gaw-col-ah,” his mother swooped past him, her wings making a loud noise. He answered her with another scream. Then his father flew over him screaming. He saw his two brothers and his sister flying around him curveting and banking and soaring and diving. Then he completely forgot that he had not always been able to fly, and commended himself to dive and soar and curve, shrieking shrilly.

i 1. Pick the most appropriate reason why the young gull felt dizzy.

a) He hadn’t eaten anything for a day.
b) He was dizzy with excitement.
c) He was wary of heights.
d) He was flying for the first time.

ii How would you describe the screams of the gulls in the given extract?

a) elation
b) bewilderment
c) shock
d) protection

iii The line “he completely forgot that he had not always been able to fly” implies the

a) great confidence the young gull had in his skills.
b) naturalness of the act of flying for the young gull.
c) satisfaction and joy of flying together as a family.
d) desire of the young gull to leave his fears behind.

iv The extract refers to the many movements of the young gull’s brothers and sisters. Choose the option that correctly sequences these movements.

a) The young gull’s brothers and sister flew by tilting their wings, rose high, made darting movements and plunged headfirst.
b) The young gull’s brothers and sister flew by plunging headfirst, making darting movements, titled their wings and rose high.
c) The young gull’s brothers and sister flew with darting movements, titled their wings, rose high and plunged headfirst.
d) The young gull’s brothers and sister flew by rising high, plunging headfirst, making darting movements and tilting their wings.

v Which of the following mirrors the use of the literary device in “shrieking shrilly”?

a) sparkling saga
b) singing soft
c) slippery sloppily
d) sneeze silently

Answer key for MCQs B)
i. – d)
ii – a)
iii – b)
iv – c)
v – d)

His First Flight Class 10 Extra Question Answer | CBSE Question Bank

Q10 Answer in 20-30 words

i Describe the young seagull’s emotions when he flew over the sea.

ANSWER: He was no longer afraid to fly. Although he felt a bit dizzy initially. Soon he was soaring upwards and shouting with happiness after his successful first flight.

ii The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘hangry’ as ‘bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger. To what extent can the young seagull’s motivation to fly be attributed to being hungry? Support your stance with evidence from the text.

ANSWER: The seagull’s family left him alone and he did not eat anything for the whole day. His hunger overpowered his fear and he motivated him to dive towards his mother holding a fish in her beak.

iii “The young seagull was alone on his ledge.” How far do you think this condition was by his choice?

ANSWER: His parents cajoled him to take flight with them but he could not muster up the courage and stayed there whereas his family members flew across the sea onto the plateau.

His First Flight Class 10 | CBSE Question Bank 2021

Q11 Answer in 40-50 words.

i If you were the family member of the young seagull, would you also decide not to go near him? Elaborate with reason.

ANSWER: Sometimes the parents have to take tough decisions to let the children face the hardships of life. I would have definitely done the same because to overcome risk one has to face risk. The loneliness and extreme hunger overpowered his fear and helped him to take the plunge.

ii The young seagull “failed to muster up the courage to take that plunge”. In what way can the reference to the ‘plunge’ here be both literal and metaphorical? Explain.

ANSWER: The literal meaning of plunge is a sudden jump. Metaphorically ‘plunge’ can be understood as diving deep into something new. So this was applied to him correctly in both senses. Literally, he had to dive from the hill Cliff and metaphorically he dived into a new act of flying.

iii The ‘fight or flight response’, that is, to stay and face a situation or run from it- is an automatic reaction to an event perceived as stressful or harmful. How would you evaluate the young gull’s response to finding himself off the ledge?

ANSWER: When he realised that he dived off the ledge, he was full of terror. His heart stopped breathing momentarily. But soon after he felt his Wings open outwards. He could feel the wind on his chest feathers. He was no more falling headway down the sea. He realised that he could fly like his family.

His First Flight Question Bank

Q12 Answer in 100-120 words (beyond text and across texts)

i The young seagull’s parents wanted him to fly, like his brothers and sister. How could the young seagull’s newly flying siblings (Brother 1, Brother 2 and Sister) have motivated him? Write a brief conversation between them.

ANSWER: Dialogue writing between the seagull and his siblings.
Seagull: I can’t fly, I will fall down into the water.
Brother 1: It’s so easy, just look at me and repeat the same way.
Brother 2: Come running from that end then dive it would be easy.
Seagull: I tried multiple times but I am unable to do.
Sister: Hold my hand and we will take the plunge together.
Brother 1: let’s all hold hands and fly together.
Seagull: No, I can’t fly.

ii A noted author, Richard Bach wrote – “For most gulls, it was not flying that mattered, but eating. For this gull, though, it was not eating that mattered, but flight.” Evaluate this statement with respect to the young seagull.

ANSWER: Flying comes naturally in most birds, but here in this story, the seagull was reluctant to fly and remained hungry due to his fear. Later on, hunger overpowered the fear and he jumped to grab the fish in his mother’s beak. The fear of flight faded at the sight of his food and compelled him to take his first flight. Thus, it can be said that the argument given in the question does not apply even to this seagull. As it was eating that mattered more for this seagull too.

ii Look at the image of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Abraham Maslow devised a theory of motivation that shows the basic needs at the bottom and more advanced needs as you move up. It includes the theory that fundamental needs must be met before an individual can be motivated to achieve higher-order needs. Where in this hierarchy of needs, would you locate the young seagull’s first flight? Justify your response.

His first flight extra question class 10

ANSWER: As the German proverbs say- ‘Wait is a hard word to the hungry’ and ‘A hungry belly has no ears’. The young gull’s first flight would be located at the bottom of the pyramid under physiological needs. A hungry living being cannot think of anything else except an eatable. It is evident from the story that anyone can put even his life to risk to satisfy the fire in his stomach. Similarly, the seagull did not care about his life and forgot his fear while jumping off the ledge to take hold of the fish in her mother’s beak to satisfy his hunger.

iii Look at the given image of different parenting styles and what they signify. Which of the given parenting styles would you attribute to the young seagull’s parents?

hIs first flight class 10 extra question answer

Do you think there was a difference between the mother’s and father’s attitudes? Support your answer with reference to the text.

ANSWER: After reading the story ‘His first flight’ we can conclude that the father displayed an UNINVOLVED parenting style as he was not much concerned about the child.
While the mother can be termed as authoritative. On one side she was adamant about making his child learn the art of flying and removing his fear of flying. On the other side, the next day when the young seagull was looking for some food, the mother seemed worried about him and took a fish in her beak to give to the young gull. But she knew that it was the right time to teach him so instead of spoon-feeding she played a trick with him. She halted just a few steps away from the seagull. The sight of food maddened the hungry seagull and he jumped towards her which worked like magic and he could take up his first step towards flying. 

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