How to Say Students to Vote For You | School Election Speech

You have been nominated for the post of School Prefect or Headboy/Headgirl. That’s a moment to celebrate but you don’t know how to say students to vote for you in the student council election. Besides you, other students have also been nominated so there will be a competition to win the seat.

At this time you need a head girl/head boy speech. But the chances are really few that you will get a perfectly fine speech which is apt for your temperament and mindset. In that case, the following tips to write a prefect speech could lessen your drudgery.

Tips to write a Prefect Speech

By including the following pointers in your class representative speech, you could raise your winning probability.

  1. tenure in school
  2. what you feel about your school
  3. how the school helped you to evolve
  4. write some of your qualities
  5. what you think about leadership
  6. how you would help students
  7. ask them to vote in your favour

Short Speech for Student Council Election

Hi everyone!

I am one of the three candidates running for the position of head prefect. Since I began my journey in DAV 5 years ago, I feel that my school is my second home. It has given me and the student body many opportunities to improve ourselves in different areas. Our school has helped us broaden and explore ourselves in new areas.

The school helped me to discover my strength and talent which, I believe, are the most valuable things in life. These are my pillars of support that do not waver in difficult situations. That is the reason for getting a sense of belonging here. To me, leadership is the commitment to serve and to be courageous. Committing means being dedicated to something. Committed to courage means that in the face of uncertainty you do not back out.

If you can correlate with my definition of commitment and courage, you can elect me in the upcoming elections. I hope that you would give me a chance to prove myself. Thank You!

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