Ant and the Grasshopper Conversation | Dialogue Writing in English

This is an easy dialogue-writing script for Aesop’s fable – Ant and the Cricket.

Grasshopper: Hey, Ants! Come and dance with me.

Ants: Sorry, we are busy.

Grasshopper: What are you all busy with?

Ant: We’re collecting food for winter.

Grasshopper: But Winter has a long time to come, why do you worry now?

Ant: Because it takes time to store food grains. You too can join us.

Grasshopper: No, I want to enjoy the sunny days and sing my songs.

Ant 3: Do what you like, Grasshopper, but we have to be prepared.

Grasshopper: Why worry about tomorrow when today is so beautiful?

Ant 1: Because tomorrow comes whether we’re ready or not. It’s better to plan.

Grasshopper: Hmm, maybe you’re right. But, I will do it later on.

Winter comes, and everything is covered with snow. The Grasshopper is shivering with cold and hunger. He goes to the Ants to beg for some food.

Ting tong, Ting tong

Grasshopper: Hello little ants, how are you all doing?

Ant: We are fine, what’s brought you here?

Grasshopper: I can play warm music that you can enjoy with your food.

Ant: We don’t want to listen to your music. You can go away.

Grasshopper: Don’t shut the door, I didn’t get the time to store any food, can you give me some food?

Ant: When I asked you to collect food for winter, you wanted to enjoy the sunny days, now you must get a lesson. We can’t help you because If I give you food today you will again come back.

Grasshopper: Oh God Now, I have understood the importance of planning for the future.

The Ants knew the importance of time and didn’t let it go.

Moral lesson: Importance of hard work and planning for the future.

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