Funny Speech for Class Representative Election in School

Good afternoon fellow students!

My name is Supriya and I am thrilled to be running for class representative post. I know you all are busy people with classes, homework and other responsibilities but I promise I won’t take much of your precious time. Because I am a straight forward type person, although it puts me into trouble many times. So, straight from the horse’s mouth – I am not an academic topper. I am an easy going and fun loving person. I know basic education is important for us to move ahead in life. By basic I mean only basic.

We have many more things in life to enjoy so we will talk about those other things and in my list the first one is food. As your class representative I will work with the cafeteria staff to make sure we have more delicious and nutritious options and if that fails I will try to bring in some snacks of my own. Let’s not just talk about food, as your class representative I will also make sure we have some extra classes….ohhh sorry sorry…don’t panic…I meant to say I will make sure we have some extra activities and events to look forward to. Whether it’s a movie night, a game tournament or a science fair. There will be something for everyone.

So friends, if you want a class representative who is a food enthusiast, cheerful and fun loving and always up for a good time, vote for me. Together we will make our class and school a great place to be.

Thank you

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