Letter for Covid 19 Vaccine Enquiry | Formal Letter

You are Sarthak Gupta of Raj Nagar, New Delhi. You are planning to visit the Mohalla Clinic in your area to get your grandparents vaccinated. You have certain doubts regarding the covid vaccine which you want to get cleared. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the Doctor-in-charge of the Mohalla Clinic asking about the efficacy of the vaccine and clearing common myths and doubts.

HINTS: You can include the following points in this letter-

  1. Documents required at the time of registration?
  2. Is it free or chargeable?
  3. Are you injecting Covishield or Covaxin?
  4. Side effects of the vaccine?
  5. Precautions to be taken after getting vaccinated?
  6. is it safe for diabetics and overweight people?
  7. Steps to be taken in case of emergency?

Formal Letter for Covid 19 Vaccine Enquiry

XX, Raj Nagar

Date: 15 March 2021

The Doctor-in-Charge
Mohalla Clinic
RajNagar, Delhi

Subject: Covid 19 Vaccine Enquiry
I came to know about covid-19 vaccine immunization for senior citizens in India. I am hesitant due to certain doubts about the vaccine. I request you to answer the following queries regarding the covid vaccine-

1.Does the vaccine require any prior registration?
2.What documents are required for registration and at the time of vaccination?
3.Is the vaccine free in government hospitals and Mohalla clinics?
4.Could you explain the vaccine type; is it Covishield or Covaxin?
5.Do we have to prepare for any side effects of the vaccine?
6.What precautions are to be taken after getting vaccinated?
7.Where should I rush to in case of emergency?
8.Is the vaccine safe for diabetic and overweight people?

I expect a prompt reply from your side so that I can assure my grandparents and get them vaccinated at the earliest.
Sarthak Gupta

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