For Anne Gregory Class 10 CBSE Question Bank Answers

The following extra questions for For Anne Gregory class 10 have been taken from CBSE Question Bank 2021 class 10 English. But, these questions are equally important for the 2022 Board exams. These MCQ Questions have been selected based on the latest exam pattern as announced by CBSE. All the questions are available at the CBSE’s official website. Students can also watch the video for a Hindi explanation of Anne Gregory Extra question answer. Feel free to ask in the comment section. It is a free service for class 10th students.

For Anne Gregory Class 10 Important MCQ | CBSE Question Bank 2021

“I heard an old religious man
But yesternight declare
That he had found a text to prove
That only God, my dear,
Could love you for yourself alone
And not your yellow hair.”

i ‘yesternight’ is a word made of a combination of two words to form a new word. Hence, it is a compound word.
Choose the words that DO NOT fit the description.

anne Gregory Class 10 question bank 2021

a. 3, 4
b. 2, 6
c. 3, 5
d. 1, 4

ii Choose the option that lists the person who correctly wrote a quote best representing the central idea of the given stanza. Choose the correct option out of the ones given below.

Harpreet Manav Joel Nawaz
You can never
meet your
potential until
you truly learn
to love
Never apologize
for being
God loves you unconditionally,
as you are and
not as you
should be.
Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life

a. Harpreet
b. Manav
c. Joel
d. Nawaz

iii The above stanza strongly defies the idea of _.
a. internal qualities
b. external beauty
c. spiritual self
d. divinity

iv Choose the option that displays the likely image of the man mentioned in the extract.

anne Gregory Class 10 question bank 2021

a) option 1
b) option 2
c) option 3
d) option 4

v Choose the phrase that best represents, ‘love you for yourself alone”.
a. Unconditional love
b. Unseemly love
c. Unrequited love
d. Understated love

Q3 (A)
i. (b)
ii. (c)
iii. (d)
iv. (c)
v. (b)

For Anne Gregory Class 10 Important MCQ | CBSE Question Bank 2021

(B) But I can get a hair-dye
And set such colour there,
Brown, or black, or carrot,
That young men in despair
May love me for myself alone
And not my yellow hair.

i Given below are the taglines of four hypothetical brands. Choose the correct option that fits the best with the first three lines of the given stanza.

Food that makes you light.
My home. My gym.
No game over, get makeover.
Eat! Eat! Eat! Repeat!

a) Option (1)
b) Option (2)
c) Option (3)
d) Option (4)

ii The form of the given stanza is a part of
a. an agreement.
b. disapproval.
c. an engagement.
d. an argument

iii Choose the option that describes a situation of ‘despair’ as mentioned in the extract

anne Gregory Class 10 question bank 2021

a. Option (1)
b. Option (2)
c. Option (3)
d. Option (4)

iv Read the statements 1 and 2 given below and choose the option that correctly assesses these statements.
1 – The speaker wants to change her hair colour so that it may appeal to young men.
2 – The speaker’s appearance due to her gorgeous yellow hair is largely the reason young men hope to get her

a. 1 is false, 2 is true and clearly inferred from the poem.
b. 1 is true, 2 cannot be clearly inferred from the poem.
c. 1 cannot be clearly inferred from the poem, 2 is false.
d. 1 is true and can be inferred from the poem, 2 is false.

v Choose the product that best shows what Anne would invest in, to ensure that young men love her for herself and not her hair.
a. Option (1)
b. Option (2)
c. Option (3)
d. Option (4)

anne Gregory Class 10 question bank 2021

Answer Key MCQ B
Q3 (B)
i. (c)
ii. (b)
iii. (c)
iv. (d)
v. (b)

For Anne Gregory Extra Questions | CBSE Question Bank 2021 Class 10

Q10 Answer in 20-30 words
i Describe the method Anne Gregory suggested in order to prove that she is loved for who she is.
ANS: She said that she would change her hair from yellow to some other colour by applying a hair dye to confirm that she is loved for her inner beauty and not for her outer personality.

ii Highlight the central theme of the poem “For Anne Gregory”.
ANS: The central theme of the above poem states that humans are loved or appreciated for their physical appearance. Only God can admire the inner beauty of a person.

iii How would you, as a young adult of your times, title this poem. Give a reason for your choice.
ANS: As a young adult I would title this poem- Is love really blind. The poem says that true love should not look at the physical appearance of a person. But I think it is not possible to love anyone without looking at them and without knowing them.

For Anne Gregory Extra Questions | CBSE Question Bank 2021 Class 10

Q11 Answer in 40-50 words (3 Marks)
i The advice given by elders is crucial to young lives. Explain in the context of the poem “For Anne Gregory”.
ANS: Elders are more experienced and aged. They can guide the younger generation with their knowledge and experience. It can save time and energy for the youth to learn from elders’ mistakes.

ii The “yellow hair” is a symbol in the poem. Briefly support the statement with reference to the poem “For Anne Gregory”.
ANS:  In some countries, yellow or blonde hair is considered appealing in contrast to dark hair. Girls with lighter hair colour are portrayed as beautiful in movies and stories. So the yellow hair of Anne Gregory in the poem emphasises her beautiful outlook.

ii Expound on any two ways in which Anne Gregory could practically put the poet persona’s advice to use.
ANS: After hearing about the poet persona’s advice she might try to check if she is loved by a young man just for her physical appearance or for her inner nobility. She could change the colour of her yellow hair to darker shades. She might wear a different hairstyle. She could try playing a quiz with them to know how better the boys understand her.

iv Write the reaction of a 21st-century teenager (boy or girl), to the idea of being loved for one’s appearance or the things one represents/possess. Give a reason for the reaction.
ANS: It is a common perception that women with lighter hair or lighter skin are beautiful. This idea is so pervasive that everyone takes it for granted and believes in it blindly. So the teenagers of the 21st century would behave the same way. Moreover, people have become more looks conscious with the invention of Smartphones. Teenagers’ selfie obsession is known to everyone.

v Evaluate the poem in the context of the given quote.
“If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.” You may begin like this: The poet shares that God loves us unconditionally, for who we are and not our appearance. This quote (continue)………………

ANS: The poet shares that God loves us unconditionally for who we are and not for our outer appearance. If humans could love or praise each other on the basis of inner qualities, our ideals of beauty would be somewhat different. We could have talked more about a true, confident, reliable, kind, honest or sympathetic person. People would be less concerned about skin or hair colour or texture. If our eyes could see souls instead of bodies, humans would be praised for their generosity or kind behaviour. Similarly, girls or boys would be disliked for their non-cooperative nature or the habit of backbiting.

For Anne Gregory Long Questions | CBSE Question Bank 2021 Class 10

Q12 Answer in 100-120 words (beyond text and across texts) (5 Marks)
i Imagine Anne Gregory grows up to be a motivational speaker. As Anne Gregory, write a short speech on the importance of loving oneself. You may begin this way:
Dear friends
The importance of believing in oneself can never be overstated. It becomes most important, therefore, to love oneself. I learnt this, as a young teen, the day a poet pointed out that (continue)
ANS: Motivational speech
Dear friends
The importance of believing in oneself can never be overstated. It becomes most important therefore to love oneself. I learnt this as a young teen, the day a poet pointed out that men are attracted towards females’ outer beauty. Does it mean the not so beautiful people are not loved in this world? I think to escape this situation an individual should invest their time in self-love. It’s the unconditional support and compassion that translates to good health, great self-esteem, happiness, and well-being. Self-love allows us to fill in the gaps external sources of love may leave. No one has a better understanding of our innermost thoughts and needs than we do. Everyone is born with a unique set of characteristics so we should not compare ourselves with others and let ourselves down But it should not be confused with selfishness or singing one’s own praises.

ii Just as a love for outer appearances is not true love, love for the sake of money is not true love either. Pen down a dialogue exchange between Anne Gregory and any character from “The Proposal” where Anne tries to explain how loving others simply for who they are is the most important virtue that everyone must possess.
ANS: Dialogue exchange between Anne Gregory and Lomov-
Lomov: Will you be my girlfriend?
Anne Gregory: I am sorry. I don’t like your attitude.
Lomov: Don’t you know, I have a lot of money.
Anne Gregory: Money does not form a solid base for true friendship.
Lomov: Girls want to marry me just because I am a rich man
Anne Gregory: That means they are your money’s friend and not yours.
Lomov: I can buy them a lot of gifts with my money
Anne Gregory: Sorry to say, but I like to be with people whom I like for their character, attitude and etiquettes rather than their financial status. Moreover, money is volatile, it never stays in a single pocket.
Lomov: As you wish, but money is second to God.
Anne Gregory: Yes you are right, it is second but not first. I will wait for my true love.

iii Imagine the poem was written for Anne Gregory’s brother, Miller Gregory.
a) Would that poem be different from the original poem? If so, highlight the differences it would have.
b) Pen down the advice, you think the poet persona would have given to Miller Gregory.

ANS: Yes, the poem would be different in the following aspects:
(a) Had the poem been written for a boy it would emphasize some other bodily features of the masculine body. For example, the hair falling over the ear can add to the beauty of a woman but for a man, his muscular body, long height, and wide chest deserves a mention. Besides, fair-skinned guys attract girls quite easily.
(b) The poet persona would advise Miller Gregory that he will never be loved for his virtues but for his physical appearance. Girls would fall in love with him on seeing his shoulders, strong chest, moustache or beard sometimes. Women search for masculinity in boys. According to the poet only God has the capability to see through a person’s inner traits. Common man loves others for their skin, hair and other physical attributes. 

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