Footprints Without Feet Question Bank Class 10 English

The following Question Bank of ‘The footprints without feet’ was uploaded on CBSE’s official website for the class 10 board exam. It contains The footprints without feet MCQ and short and long questions’ which are based on the new pattern of competency-based questions introduced by CBSE for future exams.

Footprints without Feet Question Bank Class 10 English

Q3 Multiple Choice Questions based on an extract.
(A) As she and her husband turned away in terror, the extraordinary chair pushed them both out of the room and then appeared to slam and lock the door after them. Mrs Hall almost fell down the stairs in hysterics. She was convinced that the room was haunted by spirits and that the stranger had somehow caused these to enter into her furniture. “My poor mother used to sit in that chair,” she moaned! To think it should rise up against me now! The feeling among the neighbours was that the trouble was caused by witchcraft.”

a) she could see evil spirits.
b) she heard a strange noise.
c) uncanny things happened there.
d) the door slammed shut.

a) stunned and furious
b) shocked and outraged
c) outraged and nervous
d) stunned and agitated

a) My friend and I were in splits when we saw the clown’s antics.
b) I don’t know why I suddenly felt worried about flying home.
c) The sight of blood put the old man in a frenzy.
d) The people who had witnessed the accident were spellbound.

a) pushed and locked out -> hysterical
b) rising of the chair -> moaning
c) troubled neighbours -> witchcraft
d) stranger -> haunted spirits

a) suspicious.
b) superstitious.
c) nervous wrecks.
d) gossip-mongers.

vi Extra Q:

Column A Column B
I. The stranger wasi) eccentric, lonely and callous
II. He had escapedii) eccentric, callous and short-tempered
III. He had an uncommon appearanceiii) from Iping to London
iv) as he wore bandages around his forehead

a) I-ii; II-iv; III-iii
b) I-i; II-iii; III-iv
c) I-iii; II-ii; III-i
d) I-ii; II-iii; III-iv

vii Extra Q:

a) to be conscious of a strange phenomenon.
b) be persistently and disturbingly present in (the mind).
c) (of something unpleasant) continue to affect or cause problems for.
d) a place frequented by a specified person.

Answer key for MCQs Footprint Without Feet Class 10


  1. c) uncanny things happened there.
  2. d) stunned and agitated
  3. c) The sight of blood put the old man in a frenzy.
  4. a) pushed and locked out -> hysterical
  5. b) superstitious
  6. d) I-ii; II-iii; III-iv
  7. a) to be conscious of a strange phenomenon.

Footprints without Feet MCQ

(B) The two boys started in surprise at the fresh muddy imprints of a pair of bare feet. What was a barefooted man doing on the steps of a house in the middle of London? And where was the man? As they gazed, a remarkable sight met their eyes. A fresh footmark appeared from nowhere! Further footprints followed one after another, descending the steps and progressing down the street. The boys followed, fascinated, until the muddy impressions became fainter and fainter, and at last disappeared altogether.

i Why were the boys surprised to see a barefooted man in London? The boys were surprised as

a) it was an unusual sight to see someone this way.
b) everybody in London moved around in shoes.
c) it was pretty cold to move around bare feet.
d) only a person who is homeless and wandering does so.

ii Pick out the option that is NOT related to ‘started’ as used in the extract

Footprints without feet question bank

a) option (i)
b) option (ii)
c) option (iii)
d) option (iv)

iii Pick the option that best describes how the boys are feeling based on the extract.

a) enchanted, curious, puzzled
b) captivated, curious, puzzled
c) repulsed, curious, captivated
d) enchanted, repulsed, curious

iv The boys felt that the footprints were

a) seen due to some magic trick.
b) a figment of imagination.
c) of a man who was invisible.
d) those of a mysterious man.

a) i) gaped ii) gawked
b) i) admired ii) disbelieved
c) i) overlooked ii) stared
d) i) surveyed ii) overlooked

Footprints without feet question bank

a) option (i)
b) option (ii)
c) option (iii)
d) option (iv)

Answer key for MCQs Footprint Without Feet Class 10


  1. c) it was pretty cold to move around bare feet.
  2. d) option (iv)
  3. b) captivated, curious, puzzled
  4. d) those of a mysterious man.
  5. a) i) gaped ii) gawked
  6. b) option (ii)

Class 10 Footprints without Feet Question Bank

Q10 Answer in 20-30 words
i Why does the writer say Griffin had chosen a bad time to be in London without clothes?

ANS: The writer says that Griffin had chosen a bad time to be in London without clothes because it was winter and the weather was extremely cold and Griffin had to stay without clothes to remain invisible.

ii The neighbours suspected Griffin of burglary. State why this was/was not justified.

ANS: The neighbours’ suspicion of Griffin for burglary was unjustified as there was no evidence to support their accusation. Griffin’s strange behaviour and invisibility did not prove he had committed any crime.

iii What do you think would have happened if Griffin was caught by Jaffers and the latter hadn’t become unconscious?

ANS: If Jaffers had caught Griffin and not become unconscious, Griffin would have been arrested and his secret of invisibility would have been exposed to the world.

iv If you were a friend of Griffin, what suggestion would you have given to him about how he could use his talent and scientific acumen? Write one suggestion and the reason for giving it.

ANS: I would advise him that his invisibility could be applied to the field of aerospace engineering. The principles of optics and materials science that are used to create an invisible cloak could be applied to create advanced stealth technology for aircraft, which would make them more difficult to detect by radar and other means. This could have important military applications and could help to keep pilots and passengers safe.

Q11 Answer in 40-50 words

i Do you find the story based on being invisible a mere figment of one’s imagination or a phenomenon that is plausible? Elaborate with your opinion.

ANS: The concept of invisibility is a topic of scientific study and research, and while achieving true invisibility remains a challenge, there have been significant advancements in the field of cloaking technology, which makes the phenomenon of invisibility plausible.

ii Scientists contribute to make the world a better place. Griffin is an antithesis to this statement. Justify.

ANS: While it is true that scientists contribute to making the world a better place through their research and innovations, Griffin, the protagonist of “The Invisible Man,” is an antithesis to this statement because he uses his scientific knowledge for personal gain and causes harm to others, leading to chaos and destruction.

iii Your teacher conducted a debate in class on the topic ‘Schools must develop scientific temperament in students’.
Write any two arguments that you used to supplement your stand, either as a proposition speaker or as an opposition one



  1. Developing scientific temperament in students promotes critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, and encourages innovation.
  2. Scientific education helps students to understand the natural world and its complexities, which can help them to appreciate and protect the environment, and make informed decisions about their health and well-being.


  1. Focusing solely on scientific education may limit students’ exposure to other fields, such as the arts, humanities, and social sciences, which are also important for holistic development.
  2. The pressure to excel in science may lead to a narrow focus on rote learning and test-taking, which may not necessarily lead to a genuine interest in the subject or a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.

Q12 Answer in 100-120 words

i Readers believe that Griffin was a man without a conscience. You have a class discussion on why our conscience plays a vital role in shaping our character.
Present a summary of your views on this.

ANS: Conscience plays a crucial role in shaping our character, as it guides us in distinguishing right from wrong and making ethical decisions. Our conscience is formed by various factors, including our upbringing, personal experiences, and cultural and societal norms. When we ignore our conscience, we risk losing our moral compass and becoming like Griffin, a man without a conscience who was willing to cause harm and destruction to achieve his goals.

A well-formed conscience allows us to act with integrity, empathy, and compassion towards others. It helps us to recognize the inherent dignity and worth of every human being and encourages us to act in ways that promote the common good. In contrast, ignoring our conscience can lead to harmful actions and moral decay. Therefore, it is essential to cultivate a strong moral conscience from a young age through education, ethical training, and self-reflection.

ii Griffin set the house on fire when he was thrown out. Anger and revenge are in no way a solution to any problem.
You are a columnist for a class X e-zine(magazine). Create a column on the importance of anger management for teens and its detrimental effects on health. You may begin like this:
Anger doesn’t resolve, it destroys
Griffin in Footprints without feet sets the house on fire…..continue

ANS: Anger doesn’t resolve, it destroys
Griffin in Footprints without feet sets the house on fire. Anger is a normal emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. However, when anger is not managed properly, it can have detrimental effects on a person’s health and relationships. In “Footprints Without Feet,” Griffin’s anger and desire for revenge led him to set the house on fire, causing harm to innocent people and destroying property. This serves as a reminder that anger doesn’t resolve problems, it destroys them.

Teens can benefit from learning healthy ways to express their anger, such as through exercise, art, or writing. They can also learn to identify triggers and practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation. Seeking support from a trusted adult or mental health professional can also be helpful.

iii Imagine that Griffin has been caught by the police and is produced in court. He needs to defend himself and prove that he is not guilty of the charges. As Griffin prepare a statement that you would use in court to prove your
innocence. You may begin like this:
I plead not guilty.
I have been accused of …, however…

ANS: I didn’t do it. People say I can disappear, but I didn’t use that to commit any crimes. They’re accusing me without any real proof, just because I acted strange sometimes. I was only trying to protect myself from people who were after me. Please listen to me and don’t believe those who are trying to make me look bad. I’m innocent and I hope you’ll agree. I ask the court to consider my side of the story and not get influenced by the accusations of these people. I maintain my innocence and urge the court to find me not guilty of the charges.


I plead not guilty to the charges brought against me. While it is true that I possess the ability to make myself invisible, I assure the court that I did not use this ability to commit any crimes. The accusations against me are based purely on speculation and hearsay, and there is no concrete evidence linking me to the alleged incidents.

I admit that I may have acted suspiciously at times, but this was due to the fact that I was being constantly hounded and harassed by the authorities and local residents. I ask the court to consider my side of the story and not be swayed by the accusations of those who seek to vilify me. I maintain my innocence and urge the court to find me not guilty of the charges.

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