Fire and Ice Class 10 CBSE Question Bank Answers

The following questions have been uploaded by CBSE at its official website CBSE Answers to all the subjective questions- 2,3, and 5 markers are written down for Fire and Ice Poem Class 10. Watch the video for an easy Hindi explanation. Answers to Fire and Ice MCQs are given at the end of the MCQ. This question bank is important for the class 10 2022 board.

cbse question bank fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

Robert Frost- Dust of snow

Fire and Ice Poem| Class 10 Important Questions Based on new Pattern of CBSE 2021


Qi Choose the CORRECT statement about the given poem.
a) Fire and ice are images—they help the readers visualise the power of nature over man.
b) Fire and ice are symbols—not of natural disasters, but of humanity’s ability to create disasters of its own.
c) Fire and ice are elements—not of Nature but man-made and possess the ability to create havoc for mankind.
d) Fire and ice are agents—they change the thinking of mankind from negative to positive and bring harmony.

Qii Select the option that correctly classifies the connotations for fire and ice, as suggested in the poem.
(1) rage (2) violence (3) indifference (4) hate (5) greed
a) Fire- 3,4; Ice- 1,2,5
b) Fire- 2, 5; Ice-1,3,4
c) Fire-1,3,5; Ice- 2, 4
d) Fire- 1,2,4; Ice- 3,5

Qiii The poem is a ___, put across by the poet.
a) powerful warning
b) heart-felt apology
c) earnest appeal
d) vengeful threat

Qiv The poet uses the phrasal verb -hold with.

cbse question bank class 10 English

Choose the option that DOES NOT indicate a valid phrasal verb.

a) option 1
b) option 2
c) option 3
d) option 4

Qv Pick the option that is NOT TRUE about the poet according to the extract. The poet
a) is inclined to believe that the world would most likely end with fire.
b) has heard divided opinions about the way the world would end in all likelihood.
c) preaches love and kindness to combat the spread of hate among all.
d) declares the power of ice to be as destructive as that of fire.

Qvi Extra Q:
Identify the most likely tone of the poet in the lines- ‘To say that for destruction ice/Is also great’.

a) sarcastic
b) serious
c) amused
d) celebratory

Answer Key- (Fire and ice MCQ)
Q3 (A) (i) b (ii) d (iii) a (iv) d (v) c (vi) a

Q10 Fire and Ice CBSE Question Bank Answer Key

P-2 Fire and Ice Write in 20-30 words (2Marks)
Qi “Fire and Ice” was first published in 1920. Briefly explain how WW I might have influenced the theme of the poem.
Ans: The poem is written shortly after the end of the first world war and is greatly influenced. The war proved it right how men’s technological, economic and intellectual progress led to self-destruction. The speaker is worried about the survival of the world.

Qii Create a tag line / slogan / catchphrase for the poem.
Ans: Tagline/ slogans for the poem-
“Overdevelopment sometimes lead to self-destruction”
“If you ignore nature, nature will ignore you”
“Self-satisfaction is mandatory to avoid self-destruction”
“Show empathy towards nature”


Qi The tone of the speaker contrasts with the seriousness of the subject matter. Justify.
Ans: The speaker is presenting his personal opinion about the possibilities of the end of the world which is a serious matter. But the speaker’s tone is casual and conversational. He talks with the reader as if they are his friend. He is using casual words like, ‘some say’, ‘I hold with’, ‘I think I know’ etc.

Qii Fire and Ice project a pessimistic outlook. Comment.
Ans: The poet links human desire to be the reason for the possible extinction of the world. The poem tries to imply that humanity should not try to innovate and develop new weapons. It projects a pessimistic outlook by suggesting that following dreams and passion by humankind may lead to catastrophic destruction on the earth.

Qiii. Evaluate the line- Some say the world will end in fire/Some say in ice- in the context of volcanic eruptions, forest fires, meteor collisions, melting ice caps etc.
Ans: There have been incidents of natural disasters that created havoc on earth. Every year forest fires, volcanic eruptions account for a huge loss of flora and fauna and even humans. Fires due to meteor collisions cause measurable effects on life. Loss of person and property in Uttrakhand, India (Kedarnath temple) could be attributed to the melting ice caps.


Answer the following questions in 100-120 words
Qi Imagine that Nelson Mandela read ‘Fire and Ice’. As Mandela, write a diary entry associating the impact of the troubled history of South Africa with the idea expressed in the poem.
You may begin like this:
10 May 1994, Tuesday 10 p.m.
Today, when I am the President of South Africa, I can’t help recalling Robert
Frost’s ‘Fire and Ice’…………………(continue)………………….

Ans: 10 May 1994, Tuesday 10 p.m.
Today, when I am the President of South Africa, I can’t help recalling Robert
Frost’s Fire and Ice. As Frost said if the world had to perish twice ice would suffice. I agree that hatred and indifference are sharper than any weapon to end the world. Half of the population of South Africa was forced to bear the tortures of apartheid.
Today, we are free but humanity needs real independence from hatred and partiality. People of any colour and caste is no less than the other. The world seems beautiful only when you have beautiful eyes. Everyone has to be empathetic towards the less privileged people and a life-supporting natural environment. All should try to make a strong foundation based on equality and empathy to sustain life on earth

Q ii Most of your classmates, like Frost, feel that man’s greed and rage or hate would lead the world to its destruction.
You feel that the ‘fire and ice’ in Mankind can be addressed to create a harmonious world. Write a speech, for your classmates, expressing your belief/s with respect to the poem.

Ans: Speech (Fire and Ice)
Good morning teachers and my friends! I do not believe in the pessimistic view of Sir Robert Frost that our desires can take the world near to destruction. I feel that this fire and ice can be tamed to cultivate a harmonious relationship among people.
“Necessity is the mother of invention”. A man without desire is no more than an animal. Human has added comfort to his life by keeping passions and desires alive. I agree that unchecked aspirations sometimes turn harmful. However, by making strict rules and staying vigilant, this fire can be kept under control. Fire adds taste to food but burns the house as well if left uncontrolled.
Today, we are more concerned about nature that got depleted due to the indifferent attitude towards the environment. Until our actions are controlled we need not worry about the end of the world.

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