Farewell Speech in College by Corona Batch Student

If you were among the thousands who completed their class 11th and 12th after March 2020, you would better relate to the following farewell speech by a college student.

Farewell Speech in College by Corona Batch Student

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, respected chairperson, present dignitaries, our principal, teachers, staff, juniors, and the class of 2022. I am (Name) from Class 12, and it is my pleasure to speak on this momentous occasion on behalf of my class.

Finally, the day has come when Diamond College and the Batch of 2022 are going to bid goodbye to each other. The journey we have shared over the last two years has been no less than a roller coaster ride. We will go down in the history of Diamond as the “Corona Batch.” Starting on this podium today, I recall my first day of college when I could not recognize any of the faculties or my friends. But today, when I stand here, I recognize you all as people who gave me memories, some bitter, some sweet, but none that I will forget.

I truly believe that we are the most unique batch of all time. When we joined Class 11, we didn’t make friends the usual way; we built lifelong friendships only by hearing our classmates’ voices and reading out their texts. We could recognize our teachers only by their voices. One day down the line in the future, we will remember and love that whenever our teachers would ask us questions, we would have the most powerful weapon in our hands to tackle it.

So, my mic is not working. So many months spent sitting at our homes, staring at our screens, wishing that we could attend physical classes. We even missed our farewell and welcome programs of the previous year, but when we finally got the chance to attend physical classes, we made the most out of it. We laughed, we learned, we enjoyed, we participated, we became inspired, and whatnot.

I believe that every college gives knowledge, but Diamond shapes its students. It prepares future leaders. Everyone is born different, every student is unique, and our colleagues have never shied away from that truth. In fact, they have always encouraged us to follow our desires. Singing competitions, dance competitions, cooking events, sports events, and talent shows are proof of it.

Now, let us take a moment to recognize our faculties on this very special day. The faculties and the teachers pushed us towards excellence but in the most gentle and compassionate way. They never complained about the hardships that they had to face during online classes. To all our teachers and faculties, I know you all probably think that your hard work this past year has gone unnoticed, but we students just want to say that we see it, and we very much appreciate it.

Even outside of our courses, whenever we needed any kind of guidance or advice, you never disappointed us. In fact, you became our friend, and for that, on behalf of thousands of us, thank you. Thank you to our amazing team of staff who have never missed smiling at us on the staircase or helping us whenever we needed them. Thank you for your love.

Thank you to our lovely juniors who have showered us with so much love and inspired us with their enthusiasm.

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well today. As we gather here today, I am filled with mixed emotions as I bid farewell to this wonderful college and to all of you who have made my time here so memorable. My fellow classmates and I belong to the Corona Batch, a unique and unforgettable group of students who have had to navigate our way through unprecedented challenges during our college journey.

Despite the difficulties posed by the pandemic, we have persevered and made the most of our time here, creating memories and forging friendships that will last a lifetime. Today, we take this opportunity to reflect on our time here and express our gratitude to the faculty, staff, and fellow students who have supported and inspired us throughout.

As we prepare to embark on new chapters in our lives, let us cherish the memories we have created here and use the lessons we have learned to make a positive impact in the world. Thank you all for being a part of our journey and for making these past few years unforgettable.

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