Excerpt Analysis- Cruelty Against Animals, Class 10

The following excerpt is taken from ‘The Times’ on the ill-treatment of animals and steps to prevent it.“It is distressing to see the attitude of people towards animals and find that cases of cruelty towards animals are increasing. The following pie chart represents the attitude of people towards animals.” As Simran/Dhruv, write the analysis of the above statement in 100-120 words. This question has been imported from Educart sample paper 4 (2021).

What is Excerpt Analysis?

Excerpt analysis has been added to class 10 reduced and revised syllabus as a choice to question no. 9 (Writing part) of analytical paragraph writing. Though this question also contains a pie chart it is different from analytical paragraph writing in some ways. So, you should not confuse it with analytical paragraph. Read the question properly first then start answering.

Format/Tips/Tricks for writing Excerpt Analysis

  1. Stick to the word limit.
  2. Use specific words and phrases for analytical writing.
  3. Try to mention more statistics.
  4. You can add your own related information.
  5. Mention the name as given in the question.
excerpt is taken from ‘The Times’ on the ill-treatment of animals and steps to prevent it

Ill treatment of animals By Simran

The attitude of people towards animals has been cruel since ages. A recent study showed that 50% of animals are exploited by people for their self-interest. Animals are killed for their fancy and priceless body parts including the skin. It was observed that 35% of people having an indifferent attitude towards animals do not care about their pain and sufferings. They continue with their torture and experiments. Animals are beaten and forced to carry heavy loads. Besides, to add to their woes, 15% of people believe that animals are their slaves. But, men must not forget that animals equally share the mother earth with us. If we can’t help them we don’t have any right to add to their problems.

Word Count: 120

Excerpt analysis with Hindi Exlanation

Marking scheme as given on cbse’s official website –

Argument for excerpt –Ban on Plastic

Competency applied for overall expression
• single paragraph
• use of appropriate functional language
required to show comparison/ contrast/emphasis etc. to achieve cohesion
• accuracy
Introductory sentenceCompetency applied for content
• stating the given assumption in the question as the introduction.
(content-½ mark)
arguments rationalizing against/in favour of
(content -2 marks content)
• at least 2 clearly listed arguments countering/favouring the premise.
Note – focusing on and extending one particular trend would be considered as one trend only.
concluding line(content-½ mark)
• reiterating main inference/position.
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