Social Media Essay: Meaning, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is social media and how does it impact students and society as a whole. How can it be used to extract only the advantages? Children need to understand the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of social media. So that its negative impact on society can be minimised.

Social Media Essay: Meaning, Advantages, Disadvantages

Social Media Meaning

The word ‘media’ means the ways of mass communication. Hence the word ‘social media’ means the ways to communicate with society. According to Google, a new type of platform emerged in 1997 where its users could upload a profile picture and could make friends. Since then a lot of sites have emerged where the users can interact with other users. These sites are known as social media sites.

What is social media used for

These websites enable users to create and share content to participate in social networking. People can virtually share their thoughts, images, videos and much more. Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are popular among social media sites. Earlier it was done using the computer but with the invention of smartphones, these social sites are just a click away. Social media sites are flooded with the people of every gender, age, religion, nationality and standard.

What do People do On Social Media?

Why are people getting attracted to social media?  This question comes to the mind of people who are still untouched from the magic of social media. But once registered on these sites their users get addicted to these sites. One can show off party pictures and videos, flaunt their new car, post their marriage pics and dance videos, can update their status daily and what’s not. Even people can like and comment on each other’s post. You get a chance to poke your nose into others life matters. This is the main reason why people are hooked to social sites these days.

Top 10 Trending Social Media Apps to Follow

  1. Instagram
  2. Twitter
  3. Whats app
  4. Facebook
  5. linkedin
  6. Telegram
  7. You Tube
  8. Google +
  9. Snap Chat
  10. Pinterest

Advantages of Social Media:

It is always up to an individual how he/she responds to technological advancement. Social media can be used to attend live lectures from any distant places. As online shopping is spreading its net all over the world, social media is a great platform for advertising products. In this way, it is creating a lot of employment opportunities.

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One can easily communicate with their friends and relatives living abroad. The video call option is like a magic wand for parents whose kids have gone out for educational and professional motives. Sharing one’s intellectual through blogging is a common scenario.

Disadvantages of Social Media:

 Wastage of Time

When someone is attracted towards a new concept but cannot keep it balanced, it tends to wastage of time and resources. We should keep a control on our usage of social media rather than being controlled. As they say,” Excess of everything is bad”.

Hacking privacy

 As technology advances, negative elements do not sit back. With the leap in cyber development, cyber crimes are increasing at an alarming speed.

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Wastage of money for showing off

 Many times teenagers force their parents to buy them costly brand items just to show off to their friends at social media

Kids getting diverted from education

Our school going kids are easily distracted towards the fancy world of social sites and tend to get distracted from their studies. As a result, they do not get good marks and may go into depression.

Spreading rumors and False Information

Social media sites are extensively being used to spread false information on a large scale. People post misleading posts on these sites which can give rise to terror, corruption, religious differences, casteism etc.

People are getting disconnected from real world to virtual world

Last but not the least; as we tend to make online friends we are forgetting our real-life friends and families. Going deep into the virtual world away from real life.

Conclusion: Essay on Social Media

We should always maintain a balance in our real and virtual life and enjoy both to the maximum.

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Emergedto appear
Interactto communicate
Addictedget in the habit of using anything
RumoursFalse or Fake Information
HackingAccess to data in a computer without permission
Virtualwhich is not real
Flauntto display something to public notice

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