Creative Writing Class 6-9 (My Strengths and Weaknesses)

It can be a question for creative writing in your next exam. These writing tasks are generally given to let the children explore themselves or their friends. In this writing process, you will learn new words that describe a person. This activity would help you in writing your resume for a job or in an essay on yourself. If I go liberal, I can say that words learned here will be helpful for describing any person.

Everybody loves to count their good points, but you can’t escape writing your weaknesses when describing yourself. So, here is a better way to write your weaknesses in a different style that would not read awkward and shameful.

Short Essay on My Strengths and Weaknesses | Peer Assessment What Do My Friends Think About Me |

My Strengths

I consider my friendly behaviour and my sense of humour to be my greatest strength.
My teachers praise me for my intelligent and mature response in class.
I do not hesitate to accept responsibility as a part of my task.
I find it easy to connect with almost anyone and I often know how to empathize with others in an appropriate way.
My classmates readily accept me as a leader for the Doodle art-making project due to my higher level of creativity. For the last 3 consecutive years, I have been the only winner of the Creative Art Award.

I believe sports improve our physical and mental strength so I practise playing badminton daily to refresh myself. It boosts my stamina also.

My Weaknesses

Negative criticism makes me aggressive, sometimes.
When I am lost in my work, I do not care much about others diverting my attention.
As we know, no one is perfect, I am continuously working on my short temper because that is my biggest weakness.

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