‘My Goal in Life and My Efforts to Achieve it’ Essay

‘Essay on Goal of my Life’ for students and children

Essay on goal of my life – A definite goal is a foundation of success. Without a goal, our life is like a car without steering.  The main goal of every person in today’s world is to become successful. What is your ambition in life? Continue reading this essay on goal of my life to know my efforts to achieve my goal in life.

One’s ambition in life is always inspired by their role models. Role models are people who inspire others to imitate or follow his/her good behaviour. My goal in life is to become a successful blogger. A blogger is a person who shares his/her knowledge by writing on web pages that exist on the internet.

One day I bought a domain name and started writing there. That initial kick to my journey came after reading the motivational writings of popular bloggers. I was clueless about what should I write first.

Soon I was writing on my first post titled Holi festival. Because Holi was approaching and was talk of the town. After completing my work, I realised the talent within me. Now, the writing hesitation had vanished.

I started reading more often and always on the look out for new and hot topics to write on. I registered myself for some courses available online. I got to learn new concepts about blogging and Digital Marketing with every passing day.

When I had invented a lot of content on my website, it was time to share it with people. I started searching Google and Youtube for increasing traffic to the website.

To get recognition I joined Quora where I was bombarded with Questions. I felt the need of sharing my education and experience with the seekers. I helped a lot of people with my intelligence and gained their trust.

We get a unique sort of happiness and satisfaction when our writings help others. As my aim in life is now clear in front of my eyes, nothing can stop me from achieving the goal of my life. I hope to keep the hard work going on. My goal is my dream.

Conclusion: Essay on my ambition in life

In my journey, I realised that consistency and hard work are essential to success. Learning is a never-ending process which is the key to turn your goals in life into reality.

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