Global Warming Essay – Effects, Causes and Solutions

Talking about the climate is currently a trending topic. However, just talking about it does not solve the problem. To preserve the environment and ensure that future generations can experience nature and its components in their true form, we must take action. Therefore, students should not only be encouraged to write essays on global warming but they should also be taught to adopt nature-friendly habits in their daily routines. You can start by changing some of your anti-nature practices to make a contribution toward reducing global warming.

Essay on Global Warming in 500 words | How to Reduce Global Warming

‘Global Warming’ is the warning bell that is ringing louder and louder with each passing day. But is it still not loud enough to shake man out of his slumber?

What is Global Warming

Global Warming as the term indicates is the rise in the average temperatures across the world. We, humans, are responsible for global warming which happens when the greenhouse gases, which are released in the atmosphere, trap the warmth from the sun resulting in the heating up of the planet. The rising temperature of the Earth is a cumulative effect of widespread emissions of greenhouse gases, of which the burning of fossil fuels forms the major chunk. This has resulted in an increased concentration of carbon dioxide in particular and other greenhouse gases like methane, ozone, and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere. Cutting of forests, which are the lungs of the Earth, for agriculture, industry, urbanisation, and other human activities adds to the greenhouse effect. 

Effects of Global Warming

The overall effect of global warming can be seen in ‘climate change’ the world over. Climate change has become synonymous with global warming. Its effect on the Earth can be seen in many different ways. Melting of ice is the most visible effect which increases the danger of avalanches, floods and ice storms.
With the rising temperature, the already dry areas get drier and the result is droughts. Such dry areas are prone to devastating wildfires, damaging life and property to a large extent. We are caught in the vicious cycle of extreme weather causing floods, hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones on one hand and snowstorms on the other. The increase in temperature also affects ocean life and there is a danger of many species becoming extinct. When rivers, streams, lakes and ponds dry up, it directly affects the crops, livestock etc. by declining production.
Severe temperatures cause many diseases, especially skin and respiratory. It may seem strange but the truth is that even the world economy is related to global warming. Less production of food grains due to climate change and extreme weather conditions results in an increase in their price leading to hunger and starvation as food becomes out of reach of many. The cost-of-living increases and this creates an imbalance between the demand and supply chain. Thus, the economy is disturbed too. 

“We are in danger of destroying ourselves by our greed and stupidity”                 

 Stephen Hawking

How to Reduce Global Warming

The materialistic and self-centred approach of man is the real cause of the Earth’s declining health. There is an imbalance in the ecosystem which seems beyond repair if drastic steps are not taken. Every one of us has to take responsibility to treat this planet. Start at your individual level. Save energy at home and shift to greener energy sources like wind and solar. Take up walking or cycling, it will not only reduce the greenhouse emissions but improve your health too. Use public transport for longer distances or consider carpooling. Stop wastage, especially of food, the energy and resources that go into growing plants are wasted thus putting an extra burden on the already limited resources. Take pride in repairing, reusing and recycling, this will reduce the cost and energy that goes into the production of various items. 

Let’s direct our efforts to what Rob Stewart stated: “The Earth should not be a worse place after my life than it was when I was born here.”                    
  – Rob Stewart

Let’s leave a clean and green Earth for our kids!


Q What is Global Warming?

ANS: In simple words, global warming means that the Earth’s temperature is increasing due to human actions, which can have harmful impacts on the planet and its inhabitants.

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