Online Education versus Traditional Education Essay

This ‘Online Education versus Traditional Education Essay’ would explain the meaning, advantages, disadvantages and importance of e-learning during a lockdown. Importance of online education rose due to the closure of traditional schools.

Online Education versus Traditional Education Essay

Meaning of Online education

Online education is a new type of education, where students and teachers are required to meet at a common place virtually. It refers to distance learning. Here course content is delivered via the Internet to communication devices. Students and teachers communicate by using these devices with the help of the internet.

After the great success of the internet, online education started emerging. And now, even the highest of education is possible on digital platforms. Recent advances made in technology have provided students with various options and flexibility. One can study in the U.S.A. or Europe university while sitting in India or Australia. There are so many ways of learning online.

Distance education, e-education, virtual education, online education, distance learning, digital education, web classes, and education over the internet are some of the commonly used terms.

Ways of Online Education

  • Watching you tube videos
  • Learning through power point slides
  • Reading written content online
  • Online meeting platform

Comparison between Traditional classrooms and online classrooms

Advantages of Online Education

  1. The main advantage of the online classroom is that one can access it anytime and from anywhere. One can watch a lecture on a particular topic multiple times. If a student did not understand a portion of the lecture, he/she could rewind it until he gets its meaning.
  2. In classrooms, teacher’s notes have to be written manually at a fast pace. There are chances of missing out on certain points by slow writers.
  3. In classrooms, students have to match the pace of the lecturer and remain attentive all the time. But, the lecture is generally available in the form of text or recorded video which can be referred to any time.

Disadvantages of Online Education

  • We can’t carry out a chemical experiment over the internet.
  • Or sharpening your public speaking skill, the level of learning is much more advanced when you do them in the real world.
  • Most of the schools provide extra-curricular activities along with the academics in their curriculum.
  • The real teachers are like second mothers to young minds. They leave a long-lasting impression on their mind, which they cherish forever.
  • People who don’t have access to costly computers and smartphones do not feel compatible with this system of education.
  • Residential-campus certification holds more value than distance learning certification.

Essay on Coronavirus Pandemic 2020

Essay on Online Education during Lockdown

When all the schools and colleges were shut down due to the spread of coronavirus all over the world, e-learning proved a blessing for the students of all ages. Schools and coaching institutes initiated online classes via various video conferencing and online meeting apps.

Teachers managed with some home tricks to get ready for online teaching. As nobody was prepared for this sudden lockdown. The accessories needed for online teaching could not be purchased due to the lockdown.

Major online education platforms made their paid courses available for free for students struck amid this unprecedented situation. It is an applaudable gesture. Hence, we can say that online education during lockdown helped students to utilise their free time in lockdown.

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Can e-learning substitute classroom learning?

Just like online learning has its own perks, the traditional classroom approach is more practical in certain areas. Virtual learning may be well suited for adult students who are self-disciplined, but for kids and teenagers, there can be no other substitution for classroom learning.

The optimum solution is to combine both the forms of learning and add to our knowledge at a double pace with the blended model of education.

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VirtualNot Real, Do not exist physically
Course ContentConcept, theories, principles in an academic course
Flexibilitythe ability to be easily modified
Sharpeningto improve, to enhance
Compatibleexist or occur together without problems
Self disciplinedAbility to control yourself

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