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A short speech can make a big difference, be it a school election speech or a speech for a college election or even an attempt to win a seat in your country’s elections. The prime minister of India Mr Narender Modi has once again proved it right with his oratory skills. He has reserved a place in everybody’s hearts not only in India but all over the world with his mesmerising speeches.

Do you know that leadership qualities start evolving right from school life itself as a child? Some pay heed to the blooming qualities and become great leaders in future while others let them go sideways. If these qualities are timely matched with eloquent speech it would be the cherry on the cake.

When you are writing a speech for student election for the very first time, you can take help from this example speech to convince students to vote for you.

Write a speech for the student council election in 250 words.

A very pleasant morning to all my friends present here.
The very fact that you are here shows that I have your support. The decision to contest the student council election was not an easy one. But if you aspire to be of some help to the people around you, to solve their problems and work for their interests, this is the first step towards your goal. A school provides the first opportunity to give wings to your dreams. We all are fortunate to study in this wonderful school where students are provided with ample possibilities to explore, expand and excel.

want to add a fun factor to your council speech?

Being a student is not easy and becoming a student leader is going to be harder. But I assure you all that if I win the election, I will try to work for the benefit of all of us. If you would want me to increase the summer break or give two game periods per day, I won’t warrant that. However, if you would like the school to introduce a basic web designing course as a vocational subject or provide healthy food in the school canteen, I will vouch for that. Friends, I believe in working as a team and for a just cause. No leader can survive alone and the best results are achieved when the interests of everyone are taken care of. I stand for justice and won’t let you down if chosen.
As I conclude my address, I urge you to vote for me and give me a chance to take this school to greater heights. 
Remember, make the most of your Vote by voting wisely.
Thank you.

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