Stay Home Stay Safe Essay in English | Social Distancing

In this essay on social distancing, students would read the meaning, importance and history of social distancing. Advantages and disadvantages of maintaining physical distancing. You can find here how and when was social distancing practised in India during Covid 19.

This essay is written for classes 6-12. It is a free 1000+ word essay that can be used to write a short paragraph or a long essay on social distancing by UPSC aspirants. Let’s start by explaining what is social distancing and how it helps in curbing infectious pandemics.

Social Distancing | Stay Home Stay Safe Essay in English

Social Distancing Meaning

Social distancing aims to prevent sick people from coming in close contact with healthy people to reduce possibilities for disease transmission. It is a public health practice that includes measures like cancelling group events or closing public spaces to avoid crowds.

It can also be termed ‘physical distancing’. This phrase became very popular in India during the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a highly contagious disease and it killed many people all over the globe in the year 2020.

The World Health Organisation( WHO) suggested distancing as a solution to stop this monster from growing. Physical distance could prevent transmission of the virus from the infected people. People were advised to stay home to stay safe amid the pandemic.

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As doctors say virus of Covid-19 spreads through the droplets coming out from the mouth of vectors while coughing or sneezing. Therefore, the patient had to keep his/her mouth covered with the mask and maintain a distance of at least one meter from other people.

Ways to do Social Distancing

  • Self-isolation of Corona patients
  • Compulsory isolation wards
  • Quarantine
  • Closing markets to restrict the movement of people
  • Travelling is strictly prohibited (except for medical and media personnel)
  • Closing of schools and colleges
  • Cancelling or postponing major sports events
  • Conducting cricket and football matches in an open stadium

Social Distancing and Covid 19 in India

When people don’t follow distancing voluntarily, the government intervenes by taking certain strict laws and orders. After a day of Janatha curfew on March 22, 2020; Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi announced a complete country lockdown from March 25 for a period of three weeks, that is, 21 days till 14th April 2020. Then, they extended it further to May 3rd.

The lockdown had stopped all private and public transport and wholesale and retail markets. Only the essential commodities like milk, bread, vegetables, fruits and grocery items were available. The government distributed free ration packets directly to the poor’s houses. It helped people in staying at home.

The government temporarily shut down all schools, colleges and educational institutions. CBSE postponed its class tenth and twelfth board exams. Even the highly competitive exams of JEE and NEET were postponed so that candidates and their families do not panic and study hard at home.
Big companies directed their employees to work from home to facilitate social distancing. Police took strict action against people violating the rule of lockdown.

“Increase Social Distance, Reduce Emotional Distance”

Narendra Modi – Prime Minister Of India

History of Social Distancing

There are a few instances from history when social distancing was implemented to control certain epidemics.

  • New York City polio epidemic 1916
  • The influenza pandemic in Philadelphia in 1918
  • Swine Flu outbreak in 2009 in the UK
  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS) outbreak

Fun Things to do while Social Distancing

This is the first question that pops up in everyone’s mind after the lockdown announcement. Although, moving out of the house is not allowed; still, people can enjoy doing certain activities at the home itself. 

Spending quality time with family, playing board games, yoga and meditation, and exercising at home. Helping with household chores, watching movies and T.V. serials, reading books online, and doing some art and craftwork. Learning a new language over the internet, connecting with memories using social media, learning cooking, quitting any bad habits, and preparing for the office for a post-lockdown period.

Sometimes people play Tambola (Housie) with friends sitting on their balconies and rooftops. They can convey their messages through a loudspeaker.

Advantages of Social Distancing

Though it is a compelled action for any country it gives some advantages to people and the country.

  • Epidemics and pandemics can be controlled only through social distancing.
  • Lessens the pressure on hospitals and health infrastructure.
  • It Saves Government funds which the government would have to spend if it becomes a community disease.
  • People can learn to fight infectious diseases without medicines.
  • Less pollution due to the closure of offices and factories.
  • The environment gets a chance to detoxify itself.
  • People can spend more time at home.

Disadvantages of Social Distancing

Words like locked, isolated and quarantined create fear among all. This is because humans are innately social. We always stay in groups; with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Nobody wants to be locked inside a building. While we know that the lockdown will hurt everybody adversely still, we are forced by situations to do the same.

The economy breaks down, production processes hang up, share market crashes. On an individual level, it leads to stress, anxiety, depression, and panic. It is very difficult to hold kids and the elderly packed inside the house.

Social Distancing and Connecting with People

Talk to your neighbours over the wall or fence.

Medical and grocery shops are open for limited hours.

Can visit the grocery store during permitted hours in the fully covered body.

Playing social games and competing with your friends and maintaining distance.

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Conclusion: Social Distancing Essay

We should not confuse social distancing with social distance. The latter means the distance between different groups in society such as social class, social level of living and thinking etc. During the tough times of distancing, we should try to connect more with people emotionally.

Positive social interactions -even from a distance – can help fight loneliness and fear. In this war-like situation, social distancing is expected from all citizens. We must cooperate with our government and country by excluding all social gatherings, parties, going to restaurants and the luxurious lifestyle because Home is the safest place during pandemics induced social distancing.

New words for creative writing on Social Distancing

ContagiousDisease transferring from one person to another
FraternityGroup of people for a common purpose
Quarantine strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease
Vectorsan organism that transmits a disease
EpidemicsAn infectious disease spreading widely at a time
Luxuriousextravagant, pleasure-loving

I hope this ‘essay has cleared up your concepts about what is social distancing and how it helped to fight with CORONAVIRUS.

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