Life After Lockdown in India Essay for Students

This essay was written after the first wave of Coronavirus was gone from India. Life after lockdown is not going to be the same for everyone. What was the mental status of people after witnessing the massacre of the deadly coronavirus? Read an English essay on how post-COVID life will be to see life through their eyes.

Essay on Life After Lockdown in India

The first lockdown in India is lifted now and we have entered into the unlock phase 1. What kind of life do you envisage after the lockdown is lifted in India? Can we expect the normal life routine as it was prior to COVID-19 and the lockdown in India?

No intellectuals can tell us when the pandemic will come to an end. Even if all the restrictions are lifted the tiny monster (coronavirus) will still be living among us.

We can not and must not try to live a normal life at least throughout the year 2020. Treat everyone as an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19 diseases and follow social distancing norms. We have to make it a habit or a part of our lifestyle to live with coronavirus.

Face masks, gloves, and sanitisers will continue holding the first seat in our routine life. We should try to learn from others’ experiences. There are new reports of COVID-19 infections in the second wave in China. So, unless we continue to follow precautions for COVID 19 we are going to see an explosion in cases in India too.

What is going to change in our life after lockdown? Continue reading to visualise life after a lockdown in India.

Employees back to work after lockdown

Migrant labour is back to work so the manufacturers and traders will try to bring back the derailed economy on its path. Returning domestic servants will provide relief both to the housewife and house-husband. It had become a nightmare for IT professionals and educators to maintain coordination between work-from-home assignments and basic household work.

Shopping after lockdown

Filling the groceries was a huge task during the lockdown. There used to be long queues at shops due to social distancing. The delivery department might lessen some workload. Amazon and Flipkart have resumed deliveries under precautions.

Shopping is not going to be the same for many coming months. Big stores have introduced LIVE VIDEO CALL shopping. It will ensure the safety of customers and the store’s employees as well. It will boost the sale of devices needed for a successful video call. These include tripods, cameras, tabs, laptops, and mobile phones.

Education after lockdown and coronavirus

Home-schooling would be the preferred choice for the majority of parents. Education would not get the deserved attention and importance this year. The rumours are already in the air that the education department is considering reducing the syllabus by 40% for school students. Aspirants for competitive exams in India might have to wait till the situation becomes normal. Movie halls and theatres would have to wait till 2021 to encash HOUSEFULL windows.

The new set of habits for life after the lockdown

We have to inculcate the habit of not hugging or shaking hands with others. One can use his/her own custom ways of greetings like namaste or touching the elbows. Although the lockdown has been lifted people are still afraid of boarding a crowded bus or train.

Carrying a first-aid box all the time containing a soap bar, a pair of face masks, a pair of hand gloves, and a vile of sanitiser may become necessary for people travelling long distances. Indians might learn the better hygiene habits of not spitting openly. Because the saliva of an infected person is the main culprit for coronavirus contraction.

Precautions to be taken post-lockdown

  • avoid mass gatherings
  • wear a face mask and gloves if you are experiencing flu symptoms. Reusable masks can help with waste management. Improper disposal of masks may aggravate the situation.
  • follow social distancings, be it a marriage or a funeral procession.
  • do not roam unnecessarily in markets, try to complete maximum work per visit so that the number of visits outside the house is reduced.
  • try to avoid eating outside, carrying your own water bottle and small snacks can lessen your chances of contracting the virus.
  • Kitty parties and weekend fun parties must be totally avoided.
  • minimise visiting friends and relatives

If we don’t learn to behave in a disciplined manner, it can have devastating effects in the form of the second, third or even fourth wave of coronavirus as was witnessed during the Spanish flu from 1918 to 1920.

What changes do you expect in life after lockdown and coronavirus are gone? Write in the comment box to share your opinions with the world.

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