Effects of Lockdown on Environment Essay

Read this essay to find out the beneficial effects of lockdown on the environment. This essay ‘positive and negative impacts of lockdown on environment’ can be used by students of class 6th-12th. Speech on Effects of lockdown on Environment can be read after the essay at the bottom.

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Effects of lockdown on environment essay

Impact of Lockdown on Environment

What is Lockdown?

Lockdown is a situation in which people are not allowed to enter or leave a building or area because of an emergency. A full lockdown will mean you must stay wherever you are. All non-essential activities remain shut for the entire period. Life came to a stand still.

But, ‘Every coin has two sides’. In simple words, every situation may have positive as well as negative effects. Firstly, let us discuss the positive Effects Of Lockdown On Environment:

Why lockdown in 2020?

At the beginning of the year 2020, the world faced a pandemic disease named COVID 19. Novel Coronavirus was the real culprit behind this disease. No medicines were helpful. Hospitals were swung with patients infected with the said disease. Top country officials felt powerless to watch people dying.

Hence, to tackle COVID-19 almost all the countries of the world decided to go for lock-down. In India Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi announced a complete country lockdown on 24th March 2020.

Positive Effects of lockdown

Due to Lockdown Pollution Levels Decreased

Through social media, people are expressing their joy and surprise on seeing such clean air and water after decades. Himalaya mountains which are at a distance of 140 kilometers from Jalandhar was clearly visible with naked eyes. Its credit goes to a clearer environment due to zero traffic on roads. Nitrogen dioxide, PM 2.5, and carbon emissions have decreased manifolds.

The water bodies have become clean because of the temporary shut down of factories and markets. The Ganges is one of India’s holiest and also most-polluted rivers. The government has spent millions of dollars to clean up the river, but with very little success. But the lockdown meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus has helped. Water flowing in the rivers of Yamuna and Ganga has changed unbelievably.

Birds and Animals cheer up

Human lockdowns have offered some respite to the animals and birds. With the reduced noise level in cities, the chirping of birds is easily audible. Shipping is prohibited due to coronavirus. As a result, marine wildlife is enjoying more in quieter oceans. According to marine acoustics, Whales love silence and it is a golden opportunity that will never come back in a lifetime.

Birds are the biggest beneficiaries of quieter streets and parks. There are reports of seeing more birds during the lockdown. However, this essay won’t be complete without including the negative effects of lockdown.

Negative Effects of Lockdown

World Economy Crash

In the past few decades, we have seen that whenever economy crashes, carbon emissions go down and whenever the economy is at its peak the carbon emissions are also high. This is an unfortunate inverse relation between the economy and the environment.

Due to these lockdowns, there have been several job losses in the retail, restaurant, aviation, and tourism industries. When the lockdowns were announced it was seen that people made long queues at the grocery stores and supermarkets, defeating the original purpose of the lockdown; social distancing.

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Many trucks carrying essential supplies like vegetables, fruits got stuck at the state borders in India. It was very harsh for daily wage earners and immigrants. It hit them from both sides. They could neither return to their villages nor survive in the cities.

Animals and birds are starving. These are struggling to find enough food amid the coronavirus lockdown. Empty city centers mean no leftovers for them to feast on and thousands may die.

Zero Production

All the manufacturing industries had to stop their machines which resulted in zero demand for oil as fuel. For the first time in history, the crude oil price slashed to minus dollars. This shows the intensity of loss to the economy at the global level.

War like situation for doctors and police

In this war against COVID 19, doctors, nurses and the police staff led a very miserable life. Many lost their lives while saving others.

We have to keep struggling because ‘tough times build strong people’.

“Stay Positive, Good Things Will Happen”

Speech on Effects of Lockdown on Environment for school students

Nature’s Purification During Covid19

As we all know the spreading of coronavirus brought the world to a standstill. I sympathize with the people who lost their loved ones. It is a loss that can never be refilled. But, you must have heard that ‘every coin has two sides’. The same is happening with the earthlings. As our body needs detoxification after a certain limit.

Nature was in an urgent need to detoxify itself, to purify itself of all the junk that we were contributing to in an unstoppable manner. Nature’s purification process can be analysed through the drastic decrease in pollution levels; air, water, and noise pollution level. Water flowing in the rivers of Yamuna and Ganga has changed unbelievably. The lockdown meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus has helped significantly in cleaning the environment.

Birds and animals like their habitat in its original form. That’s why they seem to enjoy the cleaner and clearer environment. Moreover, they are free to utilise their space fully as they are free now and man is behind cages.

This pandemic has once again proved that NATURE is permanent and it can repair itself without human’s help.

Thank You for reading the effects of lockdown and Coronavirus on environment.

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