Analytical Paragraph for students’ performance in terminal exam

Analytical Paragraph Writing has been introduced by CBSE as a new topic for class 10th students. While writing the answer students have to keep their answers within the prescribed word limit. Besides, proper format and functional language have to be used while writing an analytical paragraph.

Analytical Paragraph Class 10 Format, Examples
Analytical Paragraph Tips Format Example

Analytical Paragraph solved Example for Class 10

Q9 You are a teacher at a reputed school in the city. The following bar graph shows a  comparative analysis of students’ performance in different subjects in the terminal exam. Write an analytical paragraph on the variation in the performances of students in about  100-120 words to be presented at the Annual teachers meet. 

Analytical paragraph class 10

Analytical Paragraph Solution (Selected from Students’ Comments)

The given bar chart illustrates the performance of students in different subjects in the terminal examinations.
It is evident from the chart that students have improved their scores in all subjects except Hindi. The scores in Math were 90 in the first term which rose to 95 by the second term. Marginal improvement in marks was observed in Science and SST. Although the marks of students in English improved in the second term, marks in Hindi plunged significantly. Students should focus on the language subjects to increase their overall percentile.
To conclude the school should organize their plans according to the results and better efforts should be taken, especially in the language subjects.

Analytical Paragarph Solved Example for Class 10

The survey shows the performance of students in different subjects in terminal exams. Maths and Science showed some improvement in the second term. The scores in Maths and Science were above 80 in the first term. However in, Maths, most students scored above 90 marks in the second term. Students scored between 60-70 marks in Hindi and  English, which means more effort is required in the two subjects, especially in Hindi as the students scored less in the second term. There was a marginal improvement in the second term marks in English and Social Science.
However, efforts must be made by teachers to ensure that the overall scores improve in the next academic session.

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