Dust of Snow CBSE Question Bank Answers Class 10

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(A) The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree
Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.

dust of snow class 10 competency based questions

Dust of Snow CBSE Question Bank Answers

Class 10 Dust of Snow MCQ | CBSE Question Bank Answer Key

QI Of the many symbols the hemlock tree represents, choose the one that Frost drew upon in all likelihood, for this poem.
Symbol of
a) longevity.
b) togetherness.
c) healing.
d) protection.

Q ii Choose the option that lists the possible feelings of the poet prior to the experience shared in the poem.
1) reassured
2) disappointed
3) curious
4) demotivated
5) Thankful
6) disheartened
7) impulsive
a) 1, 3 &7
b) 2, 4 & 6
c) 5 & 7
d) 1 & 3

Q iii Identify the option that DOES NOT use the word ‘rue’ correctly.
a) The film was a disaster and he rued his decision to act in it.
b) I am sure she rued the day she listened to a fortune-teller.
c) It wasn’t long before I rued my disobedience and my deceit.
d) Others finally rue the one who is dishonest and heartless.

Q iv Synecdoche is a poetic device that uses a part to represent the whole. E.g. That’s a great set of wheels! (Set of wheels has been used for the car.) Pick an example of a synecdoche from the poem.
a) Has given my heart / A change of mood
b) The way a crow/ Shook down on me
c) The dust of snow / From a hemlock tree
d) And saved some part / Of a day I had rued

Q v Choose the option showing the reason NOT corresponding with “… a crow / Shook down on me / The dust of snow”.
a) The crow’s landing on the branch of the tree.
b) The shivering of the crow, due to the cold.
c) The readjustment of the position of the crow on the branch.
d) The cawing of the crow hidden in the foliage.

Answer Key- (Dust of Snow MCQ)
Q3 (A) i) c ii) b iii) d iv) a v) d

Q10 Dust of Snow Question Bank Class 10

P-1 Dust of Snow 920-30 words) 2 Marks Question
Q i Rationalise what you think the poet was probably doing when the dust of snow fell on him.
Ans: The poet was feeling extremely sad when the dust of snow fell on him. He was lost in his thoughts but the falling of snow changed his mood and attention.

Q ii What does the presence of a hemlock tree tell you about the setting of the poem?
Ans: The hemlock tree is a poisonous tree that symbolises a bad omen. Its presence shows that the poem is set in a scene where the poet is in a bad mood.

Q iii The dusting of snow on account of the crow helped make the poet’s day better. How do you think the crow’s droppings might have impacted the poet?
Ans: The crow’s droppings might have spoilt the poet’s clothes and hair. It could delay his planned work and trigger his anger toward the crow. He might have to go back to his home to change his clothes.
Hint: Understand the difference between DROPPING and DROPPINGS
DROPPING- Present Participle of DROP
DROPPINGS- waste material excreted by small animals or birds पक्षियों की बीट

Dust of Snow Class 10 CBSE Question Bank

Q11 Answer in 40-50 words (3 Marks) 40-50 words
Q i ‘Dust of Snow’ is one of Frost’s most loved poems. Elaborate on why you think this is so.
Ans: The poem describes a very simple happening in easy words. It tells us that sometimes even a small incident may prove to be of more considerable significance. If one looks beyond prejudices, he/she will get to know that nature can heal anything and everything.

Q ii The poem evokes a sense of black and white. Justify.
Ans: The poem is set in all-white surroundings; everything is covered with snow. Amidst this white surrounding, a black crow appears and does something that clears the blackness from the poet’s mind and heart. Hence, we can say that the crow and sorrow depict ‘black’ and snow and the happiness of the poet signify the white colour in the poem.

Q iii The crow and hemlock are usually used as negative references in literature. How is this different in this poem?
Ans: The poet Robert Frost is trying to break the stereotypes that consider a crow and a hemlock tree inauspicious. The poet has represented nature in quite an unconventional manner. He is trying to emphasise that even a crow and a hemlock tree can bring about positive change in a person’s life.

Dust of Snow Long Questions | Class 10 Competency-Based Subjective Questions

Q12 Answer in 100-120 words (beyond text and across texts) 5 Marks
Q i As a crow you feel highly injured by the incorrect perception humans have about your species. Imagine yourself being a crow and write your opinion about this prejudice. Make a case for breaking stereotypes.
Answer: “I am a crow. How hard I try to make people happy with my cawing, humans consider me the bringer of bad luck. They shoo me away whenever I try to befriend them. Once a thief was trying to break into a house. I gathered all my crow friends and started nipping him in his head. It saved the house from burglary. The residents, instead of thanking, blamed the crows for the incident. Humans are getting logical and modernized. So, no species should be incorrectly perceived by them and these stereotypes must be broken now. Enough is enough.”

Qii Imagine that Frost is of present-day and has been invited to write for an ezine – “Teen Talk”. He chooses to draw upon his experience with the crow and the dusting of snow to share his thoughts on ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’. As Frost, express your thoughts on the e-zine.
Answer: ‘Every Cloud has a Silver Lining’
I was standing under the hemlock tree and waiting for my office cab. I was heartbroken due to the sudden death of my father. I loved my father so much that I was unable to accept his demise. Suddenly a crow shook off some snow on me, I looked up angrily and picked up a stone to hit the crow. But, he flew fast and disappeared into the clouds. After his disappearance, a thought came to my mind that everyone has to leave one day. We are mortal. we cannot live here permanently. I consoled my aching heart and diverted my thoughts toward otherworldly matters. I realised that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Our life is a swing of ups and downs, but nature can heal all the sorrow and grief.

Meaning of Ezine-
E-zine means an electronic magazine that can be read over the internet.
Every cloud has a silver lining (Hindi Meaning) – हर दुर्भाग्य के पीछे एक आशा की किरण छुपी होती है।

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