Do Men Cry? A Story of Betrayal and Resilience

This is a short picture story about a boy who went to a new city for higher studies and learned how the outside world can be so harsh, making it difficult for decent and polite people to maintain their originality.

Short Moral story - Do Men Cry

Once upon a time, there was a polite and decent boy named Arjun who went out of the city to pursue his higher education. It was the first time he was away from his family, and he was excited yet nervous about starting this new phase of life. He searched for a room on rent and went to several brokers. After days of searching, he finally found a flat and the broker agreed to his requests to clean everything and arrange for tube lights and other basic fittings.

It was a new chapter in Arjun’s life. He had left his family behind to pursue his dreams, eager to experience the world all alone. Little did he know that his journey would be filled with unexpected twists and turns that would challenge his beliefs and test his strength.

Arjun gave the broker a considerable amount of advance, 10,000 rupees to be precise. But, to his dismay, after a week, the owner had only whitewashed the flat and had not fulfilled any of Arjun’s other requests. Despite Arjun’s constant pleas, the owner refused to do anything more, leaving Arjun feeling helpless and cheated.

Short Moral story - Do Men Cry

In desperation, Arjun called his parents over to help him settle the issue with the broker. But, to his utter shock, the broker fabricated false dialogues and proved Arjun wrong in front of his father. His father, who was already unhappy with the situation, said some harsh words to Arjun, making him feel even more helpless and alone.

Arjun felt so betrayed and hurt that day that he broke down over the phone call with his mother, crying uncontrollably. His mother tried to console him, telling him that the world is so selfish, and it’s crucial not to trust people blindly. She told him that it’s okay to cry and let out his emotions, but he must learn from this experience and become stronger.

Short Moral story - Do Men Cry

Arjun realized the value of his mother’s words and learned an important lesson that day. He learned that sometimes people can be untrustworthy and manipulative, but he must always keep his guard up and not blindly trust anyone. He learned that it’s okay to cry and express his emotions, but he must never let others take advantage of his vulnerability.

From that day onwards, Arjun became a wiser and stronger person. He realized that life is full of ups and downs, but it’s how we handle those situations that make us who we are. Arjun promised himself that he would never let anyone bring him down or make him feel helpless again.

Now, he cries daily while cutting the onions < “..” >

Moral lessons of Story:
1. Don’t blindly trust people without verifying their credibility.
2. Life is full of challenges and it’s important to stay strong and resilient in tough times.
3. It’s okay to cry and express your emotions but never let others take advantage of your vulnerability.
4. Learn from your mistakes and experiences to become wiser and stronger.
5. Always keep your guard up and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself when necessary.

Short Lessons –

  1. Verify before trusting.
  2. Stay strong in adversity.
  3. Don’t be a pushover.
  4. Learn from experiences.
  5. Stand up for yourself.

Quotes for Story:

What parents couldn’t teach in 20 years, a selfish world can teach in 2 months.

Life’s biggest lessons often come not from what we learn at home, but from what the world teaches us outside our comfort zone.

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