Cricket is a Global Passion | Unseen Passage MCQ Class 9

If I say boys will score more marks than girls in the following Unseen Passage MCQs. You might blame me for gender discrimination. But, it is a fact that boys outnumber girls when we talk about cricket and cricketers. If girls want to compete with boys then they should practice solving CBSE Unseen Passages in advance and ahead of others.

Unseen Passage MCQs | Cricket is a global passion Passage | CBSE Unseen Passage MCQ for Class 9-12

Cricket is a global passion, played everywhere from Test match arenas to village greens, tropical beaches and dusty back lots. Cricket is the world’s second most popular spectator sport after football.

The origin of cricket is somewhere in the Dark Ages. All research concedes that the game derived from a very old, widespread and uncomplicated pastime by which one player served up an object, be it a small piece of wood or a ball, and another hit it with a suitably fashioned club. Cricket was first recorded in 16th-century England and it was played in grammar schools, farm communities and everywhere in between. But things really took off when 18th-century nobles realised it was a great sport.

The oldest surviving set of cricket laws date from 1744 – printed on a handkerchief, naturally. It’s now in the MCC Museum at Lord’s in London. The oldest permanent fixture is the annual Eton v Harrow match, played since 1805. A young Lord Byron turned out for Harrow in the first match, though history doesn’t record how poetic – or “mad, bad and dangerous” – his bowling was.

The first international match was in 1877 when Australia beat England in Melbourne. The match was dubbed a ‘Test’ since the gruelling nature of playing over five days was deemed the ultimate “test” for any side. But it was Australia’s first win on English soil – in 1882 at The Oval in London – that led to matches between the two nations being christened the Ashes. Following the defeat, newspapers published an obituary mourning “the death of English cricket”, adding that “the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia”.

A One Day International (ODI) is a form of limited-overs cricket, played between two teams with international status, in which each team faces a fixed number of overs, usually 50. The Cricket World Cup is played in this format. The international one-day game is a late-twentieth-century development. The first ODI was played on 5 January 1971 between Australia and England at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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Unseen Passage MCQs | Cricket is a global passion Unseen Passage |

Answer the following multiple-choice questions based on the above passage.

1 According to the passage when did the game of Cricket originate?
a. 17th-century
b. 16th-century
c. the dark ages
d. the light ages

2 The oldest set of cricket laws can be found in
a. at Lords
b. at the Oval
c. in Melbourne
d. in Sydney

3 When was the first international cricket match played?
a. 1805
b. 1877
c. 1882
d. none of these.

4 How many overs are there in the one day international (ODI) games?
a. 20 overs
b. 40 overs
c. 50 overs
d. 60 over

5 India won its first World Cup in which of the following years?
a. 1893
b. 1983
c. 2011
d. 2003

6 The matches between Australia and England were titled the Ashes because
a. an obituary in a newspaper read that the ashes of the England cricket would be taken to Australia.
b. ashes were blown into the air.
c. the match was played on ashes day
d. it was England’s second defeat to Australia.

7 The cricket World Cup is played in which of the following formats?
a. Test match
b. One-day match
c. T-20 match
d. IPL

8 One-day internationals are also called
a. Limited over matches
b. unlimited over matches
c. 20-20 matches
d. few over matches

9 What is the shape of the Ashes trophy?
a. urn
b. vase
c. Goblet
d. fire pit

10 When did Australia record its first win against England?
a. 1882 at The Oval in London
b. 1882 at the Eden Garden
c. 1882 at the Lords
d. 1882 at the Sharjah

11 What is the purpose of an obituary in a newspaper?
a. it is an advertisement
b. informing people about somebody’s death and its details
c. matrimony and obituary serve the same purpose
d. none of the above

12 Why was the first cricket match called a test?
a. it was gruelling
b. it tested skills and patience
c. it tested strength
d. people required physical strength to play these matches.

Cricket Unseen Passage MCQ Answer Key

  1. c the dark ages
  2. a at Lord’s
  3. b 1877
  4. c 50 overs
  5. b 1983
  6. an obituary in a newspaper read that……
  7. b One day match
  8. a limited over matches
  9. an Urn
  10. a 1882 at The Oval in London
  11. b informing people about somebody’s death and giving its details
  12. c it was gruelling

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