Class Representative Short & Easy Speech for College Election

Good Morning!

My name is …………… and I am from …….. class. Talking about my educational background, I scored 94.2% and 97.8% in my 10th and 12th CBSE Boards respectively. The reasons why I want to become a class representative are many.

Being a CR would enable me to be someone more than a mere helper. I wish to be the one who helps his classmates and gets their issues resolved. I want to bring out the class issues to teachers and to the senior management team and I want to be an asset and useful for this class. Being a CR will give me a platform and a bundle of opportunities and exposure to do so. Moreover, I’m very responsible, easily approachable and a good team player. I always welcome any fruitful suggestions from my teammates or from my classmates. On top of that, I have prior experience holding responsibility for the class as a class monitor throughout my school life. So, I know what it takes to be a CR and what are challenges one has to face by holding this responsibility but I am ready for each and every challenge whatever will come my way.

If I get appointed as the class representative, I will make sure that everyone’s voice is heard and everyone’s issues are getting resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you very much

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