Conversation Script Between the Boy who lost his ball and his brother

Here you will find a conversation script between the boy who lost his ball and his elder brother. His brother is trying to convince him.

Conversation script between the boy who lost his ball and his elder brother/sister (120 – 150 words).

Dialogue-Based Question The ball poem class 10

Q Imagine you are the boy’s elder sibling. He tells you about the loss of the ball on reaching home. How would you assure him? Write a conversation script in about 100 120 words.

Elder brother: Oh Boy! Why are you upset?

Boy: I have lost my ball. Nothing seems good now. 

Elder brother: Come on, I will buy a new one for you.

Boy: (in deep thoughts) Yes, I know but what about the good time I had spent with it? Why do we lose things? 

Elder brother: Dear, come here. Nothing is permanent in this world. As you grow, you will learn to cope with the loss. 

Boy: I don’t want to grow up if it means losing your favourite things. 

Elder brother: Oh, little brother! This is the law of nature. You cannot have your possessions forever. It is even true for humans. We too are not going to live forever.

Boy: (unable to accept) What! I don’t want to lose you.
(And he runs away.)

Elder Brother: (shouts) Where are you going?

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