Conversation Between a Caged Tiger in a Zoo and a Visitor

If you happened to visit a zoo and there you found an enormous tiger in a cage, What would be your first thought about it? If given the power to converse with the beast, What would you say to him? What would be the tiger’s feelings? let’s try to pen down a Conversation Between a Caged Tiger and a Visitor. Try to find out the moral value hidden in this piece of dialogue writing and mention it in the comment section.

Write a conversation between a caged tiger in a zoo and a visitor. (120 – 150 words)
Class 10 – A tiger in the zoo (Modified)

Dialogue Writing Between a Tiger and a Visitor in a Zoo

A visitor goes to a zoo to entertain himself. There he is attracted to a tiger in a cage.

Caged tiger (scornfully to himself): Not again. See that shabby man walking this way. He thinks he is a king.

Visitor (looking at the tiger): Wow! Such a majestic animal. He should have been in the jungle. 

Caged tiger (to the visitor): What! You think so. Can you do this for me? You seem to be so kind.

Visitor (amazed): No, No! I didn’t mean it. Moreover, if you are let out, you will attack people. You should be kept inside a cage only.

Caged tiger (growling): We don’t kill unless we are disturbed. You have encroached on our jungles and destroyed forests and now you blame us for attacking you.

Visitor (in a defensive tone): Maybe you are right. But things are like this only. We are the superior beings on this Earth and have to take care of our own betterment first.

Caged tiger (sympathetically): May God grant you some sense! You are heading towards your own doom by interfering with nature.

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