Conversation Between a Free Animal and a Locked Man

Man has always been hunting and slaving the animals for his pleasure and comfort. Think of a situation (as it happened during the Covid lockdown) wherein a man is shut inside his house or any other confinement and an animal is roaming freely in the jungle or on roads. Write a conversation script between a caged human and a free animal showing that the man realises the importance of freedom and apologises for being cruel towards the animals.

Dialogue writing between an animal roaming in the street and a man shut inside his house due to lockdown. (approx.150 words)

Man (looking out from his window): I cannot bear this anymore. Look at that animal moving freely in the street, enjoying and playing. And I am stuck here inside my house. 

Man (loudly to the animal): Hey, there! Are you enjoying yourself there? Look at miserable me.

Animal (mockingly): Miserable you! Now you understand what misery is. Have you ever thought about us before putting us in a cage or confining us in zoos? 

Man (offended): I have never done so. But at least you are taken care of when confined. What are you doing? Just roaming around, nothing to eat and no place to sleep. What’s the fun in this?

Animal: You tell me, why are you so upset? You are in your comfortable house with food and other essentials available to you. I’ll tell you. It’s a lack of freedom. Confinement will make everyone unhappy. 

Man (regretfully): Yes, I think you are right. Now I understand, we have been cruel towards you.

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