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Class 10 “Footprints without Footprints
Lesson – The Necklace Extra question
Question Source: Board Question Paper 2022-23

Contentment in one’s life is indeed crucial for leading a peaceful and fulfilling existence. It entails finding happiness and satisfaction with what one possesses, rather than constantly desiring what is lacking. Matilda’s story in “The Necklace” from the Class 10 book “Footprints without Footprints” is a poignant lesson in this regard.

Contentment in one's life is indeed crucial for leading a peaceful life

ANS: Matilda’s lack of contentment led to her suffering. She was dissatisfied with her modest lifestyle and longed for material possessions and a higher social status. However, her desire for material wealth resulted in her borrowing an expensive necklace, which eventually got lost. Matilda and her husband endured immense financial hardships in her attempt to replace it.

From Matilda’s mistake, we learn the importance of being content with our circumstances. It reminds us to appreciate what we have and not to yearn for what we don’t possess. Contentment enables us to find happiness within ourselves and embrace the simple joys of life. It teaches us that true fulfilment does not solely rely on material possessions but on cultivating a sense of gratitude for the blessings we already have.

ContentmentA state of satisfaction and happiness
CraveTo have an intense desire or longing for something.
ModestHaving a moderate or humble lifestyle, without excessive luxury or extravagance.
Social statusA person’s standing or position in society, often determined by wealth, occupation, or reputation.
Material wealthPossessions and riches of a tangible nature, such as money, property, or valuable items.
HardshipsDifficulties or challenges faced in life,
GratitudeThe quality of being thankful and appreciative for what one has or receives.
BlessingsGifts, benefits, or good fortune that one experiences in life.

Extra question for brainstorming –

Does contentment mean that one should accept whatever is happening in life and not strive to attain higher status or qualifications?

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