English Conversation – Should Classroom Discussions be Incentivized

Do you think Classroom Discussions should be Incentivized?

Here’s a short conversation script between Deepak and Suchitra.

Deepak: Hey Suchitra, have you heard about the proposal to allot extra points to students who participate actively in class discussions?

Suchitra: Yeah, I heard about it. I think it’s a good idea because it would motivate more students to speak up in class.

Deepak: I’m not so sure about that. Some students might feel pressured to speak up just for the sake of getting extra points, even if they don’t have anything valuable to say.

Suchitra: That’s true, but I think it would still encourage more students to engage in class discussions. Plus, it would reward those who take the initiative to contribute to the class.

Deepak: I see your point, but I also think that some students might feel resentful towards those who are getting extra points just for talking in class.

Suchitra: I can see that, but I think the benefits of having more active class participation outweigh the potential negatives. It could create a more lively and engaging learning environment for everyone.

Deepak: Hmm, you make a good point. I guess it’s worth trying out to see how it works in practice.

Suchitra: Exactly, we won’t know unless we try. And who knows, it could be a positive change for our classroom.

Deepak: What about students who are naturally shy or introverted? Won’t they be at a disadvantage in this system?

Suchitra: I understand your concern, Deepak. In such cases, the teacher can provide alternative ways for students to participate, like written reflections or small group discussions, which can also earn them the extra points.

Deepak: That’s a good point. It’s crucial to accommodate different learning styles and personalities to ensure everyone has a fair chance to earn those extra points.

Suchitra: Absolutely, Deepak. The goal is to foster a supportive and inclusive learning environment where all students can actively engage and benefit from class discussions.

Deepak: I agree. It’s essential to strike a balance between encouraging participation and not putting excessive pressure on students. The focus should be on meaningful contributions rather than just accumulating points.

Suchitra: I couldn’t agree more, Deepak. The quality of the discussion is what truly matters. The extra points should be a reflection of active and thoughtful participation.

Deepak: You’re right, Suchitra. If the implementation is done thoughtfully and with proper guidelines, this proposal has the potential to enhance the learning experience for all students.

Suchitra: Absolutely. It’s worth exploring and experimenting with this system to see how it positively impacts class dynamics and student engagement.

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