Ex-Class Representative Speech Prompts | How CRs Feel

Do you always wonder how the CRs feel about their responsibility? Do they take it as a blessing or a curse? Well, there can be mixed reactions to that. But, when it comes to you to express your experience and feelings during your tenure as a class representative in your college or high school, you might find it hard to express yourself in words. So, here comes some CR speech examples to make your task easier.

Class Representative Speech Examples

Hi, I’m Aksh Goel. I’m a fourth-year socio and politics student and when I was a class rep I really enjoyed the opportunity to make positive changes in my course and within my school. My top tip for class reps would be to go along to the rep events that the Students Association puts on and so they do training and Rep lynches. It’s an excellent opportunity to share ideas with people that you might not ordinarily come across or meet. It’s also just an excellent opportunity to meet other people who will be doing the same this year.

Hi, I’m Natalya. I’m a final year PhD student in Social Anthropology and I’ve actually been a rep the entire time I’ve been a PhD student here except for my fieldwork. I’ve really enjoyed being a class rep in fact. I think every time the email goes out, I’m usually the first one that’s like yeah I’d love to do it. It’s not just the free lunches, it’s also a chance to learn a little bit more about how the university works. I think especially if you’re keen to pursue a career in academia, finding out how meetings work. I just kind of really enjoy them but also yeah finding out how things work and finding the rhythm of something.

That’s been a great experience during my first year as a class rep as a PhD student. I was actually able to lead the postgraduate committee in social and political science which was just an excellent opportunity to get some experience in that role. I could find out how to share mediums and got to know some staff and faculty at different sort of levels.

Hi, I’m Divya. I’m a Sociology and Anthropology student and being a class representative really helped me better understand the staff relationships, create courses and deal with feedback and stuff like that. Also doing it helped me start up initiatives and it’s just a really really great experience. I get in touch with a lot of new people by talking with staff members and also with my fellow students and it’s also really fun.

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