Class 10 English Sample Paper 2021 Fully Solved

Answer Key for Class 10 English sample paper 2021. This sample paper was released by CBSE for class 10 English exam preparation. Although the exam stood cancelled due to the spread of the second wave of coronavirus in India. Yet, the sample paper is equally important for the students of class 10 appearing for the board examination in the year 2022.

Class 10 English Sample Paper 2021 Fully Solved

Q1. The Choices we make on a Daily Basis Unseen Passage

Q2. Tourism Unseen Passage With Answers

LITERATURE (Prose Extract) (10 marks)
Q3 (A) Read the extracts given below and attempt ANYONE, by answering the questions that follow. (5×1)

Suddenly she was startled by a voice. “Listen, child,” said the voice, “you shouldn’t stand like that. Sit down.” Sitting down, she looked to see who had spoken. It was an elderly man who had honestly been concerned for her, but she was annoyed by his attention. “There’s nobody here who’s a child,” she said haughtily. “I’ve paid my thirty paise like everyone else.”
The conductor chimed in. “Oh, sir, but this is a very grown-up madam. Do you think a mere girl could pay her own fare and travel to the city all alone?” Valli shot an angry glance at the conductor and said, “I am not a madam. Please remember that. And you’ve not yet given me my ticket.” “I’ll remember,” the conductor said, mimicking her tone. Everyone laughed, and gradually Valli too joined in the laughter.

i. How did Valli feel when the elderly man expressed concern that she was standing?
a) Rather shocked
b) Somewhat happy
c) Fairly displeased
d) Quite embarrassed

i. (c) Fairly displeased

ii. Choose the option that lists the set of statements that are NOT TRUE according to the given extract.

  1. Valli was travelling without a guardian.
  2. The conductor was bullying Valli.
  3. Valli was nervous in her interactions.
  4. Valli was a child passenger.
  5. Valli followed the elderly man’s advice.
  6. Valli’s response to the elderly man was respectful.
  7. It took Valli some time to participate in the jocular conversations.

a) 2, 3, 4
b) 5, 6, 7
c) 3, 5, 7
d) 2, 3, 6

ii. d) 2, 3, 6

iii. Pick the option that correctly classifies fact/s(F) and opinion/s (O) of the students below.

Class 10 English sample paper 2021

a) F – 1,2 and O – 3,4
b) F – 2,3,4 and O – 1
c) F – 2,4 and O – 1,3
d) F – 3 and O – 1,2,4

iii. (d) F – 3 and O – 1,2,4

iv. Which word does ‘chimed in’ NOT correspond to?
a) Intervened
b) Interrupted
c) Intersected
d) Interjected

iv. c) Intersected

v. Choose the characteristic displayed by the conductor when he addressed Valli and declared that she couldn’t be ‘a mere girl’.
a) encouragement
b) indulgence
c) embarrassment
d) authority

v. b) indulgence


MCQ (B) The baker or bread-seller of those days had a peculiar dress known as the kabai. It was a single-piece long frock reaching down to the knees. In our childhood, we saw bakers wearing shirts and trousers which were shorter than full-length ones and longer than half pants. Even today, anyone who wears a half pant that reaches just below the knees invites the comment that he is dressed like a pader!

i. Choose the answer that lists the correct option about the recording of the baker’s monthly accounts.

Class 10 English sample paper 2021

a) Option (1)
b) Option (2)
c) Option (3)
d) Option (4)

i. c) Option (3)

ii. When the writer says, ‘Baking was indeed a profitable profession in the old days.’, he means that
a) baking isn’t as popular in Goa currently.
b) bakers have chosen to adopt other professions.
c) baking, as a job, isn’t as gainful as it used to be.
d) bakers’ goods were of better quality in earlier times.

ii. c) baking, as a job, isn’t as gainful as it used to be.

iii. The statement that is TRUE about payment collection, according to the passage is:
a) The baker received payment on a daily basis.
b) The baker was paid for his services at the end of the month.
c) The baker insisted that customers pay before the month-end.
d) The baker chose to receive payment any day of the month.

iii. b) The baker was paid for his services at the end of the month.

iv. The kabai was a ‘peculiar’ outfit as it was
a) tight-fitting apparel.
b) too colourful.
c) made of unsuitable materials.
d) a dress-like attire

iv. d) it was a dress-like attire

v. The extract uses the phrase, ‘invites (the) comments’. Which of the following expressions is incorrect with respect to the word ‘invites’?

Class 10 English sample paper 2021

a) Option (1)
b) Option (2)
c) Option (3)
d) Option (4)

v. b) Option (2)

Q4 Poetry Extract
Read the extracts given below and attempt ANYONE, by answering the questions that follow. (5×1)

(A) But he’s locked in a concrete cell,
His strength behind bars,
Stalking the length of his cage,
Ignoring visitors.
He hears the last voice at night,
The patrolling cars,
And stares with his brilliant eyes
At the brilliant Stars

i. The fact that the tiger is ‘stalking the length of his cage’ tells us that he is

a) restless.
b) reckless.
c) resilient.
d) reverent.

i. a) restless

ii. What is the rhyme scheme of the given stanzas?

a) abcb; abcb
b) abcb; abcd
c) abcd; abcd
d) abcd; abcb

ii. d) abcd; abcb

iii. These stanzas bring out the contrast between

a) zoos and cities.
b) strengths and weaknesses.
c) freedom and captivity.
d) visitors and patrolling cars.

iii. c) freedom and captivity.

iv. What is the caged tiger NOT likely to say to the visitors?

a) “Stop staring”.
b) “Set me free”.
c) “Join me”.
d) “Go away”.

iv. c) “Join me”.

v. The tiger’s ‘brilliant eyes’ reveal that he

a) hopes to be free and in the wild, someday.
b) is looked after well and is nourished and healthy.
c) enjoys staring at the bright stars each night.
d) is well-rested and hence, wide-awake.

v. a) hopes to be free and in the wild, someday


(B) I saw it go
Merrily bouncing, down the street, and then
Merrily over — there it is in the water!
No use to say ‘O there are other balls’:
Ultimate shaking grief fixes the boy
As he stands rigid, trembling, staring down
All his young days in the harbour where
His ball went

i. The poet uses the ball as a symbol of the boy’s

a) sense of adventure.
b) carefree childhood days.
c) ability to bounce back.
d) extended family.

i. b) carefree childhood days.

ii. The poet feels that there is no point in consoling the boy as

a) it would give him false hope.
b) he might demand a new ball.
c) it might distress him further.
d) whatever he has lost is irretrievable.

ii. d) whatever he has lost is irretrievable.

iii. The word ‘harbour’ DOES NOT have a meaning similar to

a) port.
b) pier.
c) dock.
d) cargo.

iii. d) Cargo

iv. ‘Merrily over — there it is in the water!’ The dash here is meant to convey

a) some familiar experience.
b) a feeling of excitement.
c) a sense of unexpected interruption.
d) some thoughtful moments.

iv. c) a sense of unexpected interruption.

v. The word that DOES NOT indicate a physical manifestation of sorrow in the boy, is

a) worthless.
b) shaking.
c) trembling.
d) rigid

v. a) worthless

Q5. GRAMMAR (10 marks)
Choose the correct options to fill in the blanks to complete the note about the Wangala Festival of Meghalaya. (3×1)
The Wangala -(i)- festival for the Garo in Meghalaya, Assam and Nagaland. It is a postharvest festival -(ii)- the end of the agricultural year. It is popularly known as ‘The Hundred Drums’ festival. During the signature dance, the leading warrior -(iii)- with synchronised dance steps and specific hand-head movements.

(i) a) is important
b) are an important
c) was the important
d) is an important

(i) d) is an important

(ii) a) being celebrated for marking
b) celebrated to mark
c) celebrated marking
d) being celebrated for mark

(ii) b) celebrated to mark

(iii) a) leads the youngsters
b) lead the youngsters
c) was leading the youngsters
d) had led the youngsters

(iii) a) leads the youngsters

Q6. Choose the correct options to fill in the blanks to complete Venu’s narration. (3×1)

Class 10 English Sample paper cbse 2021

I saw Supanddi standing in the field. When I -(i)- doing there, he -(ii)- he was trying to win a Nobel prize. I was confused and enquired how standing in the rice field would help him do so. He stumped me by saying that he -(iii)- won Nobel prizes had all been outstanding in their fields!

(i) a) exclaimed what he was
b) told him what he was
c) asked him what he was
d) says to him about what

(i) c) asked him what he was

(ii) a) ordered that
b) refused that
c) questioned that
d) replied that

(ii) d) replied that

(iii) a) has heard that people who have
b) was hearing that people who were
c)had heard that people who had
d) did hear that people who had

(iii) c) had heard that people who had

Q7. Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct options for ANY FOUR of the six sentences given below. (4×1)

(i) You …………………… consult the Thesaurus if you need groups of synonyms for those words.

a) had to
b) need to
c) used to
d) might

(ii) Everybody …………… keen to participate in the upcoming nukkad natak.

a) are
b) has
c) is
d) were

(iii) The good news is that…………… volunteers dropped out this month than the last two.

a) fewer
b) less
c) few
d) a little

(iv) It was …………… historic day for the organisation when ……………. the honour was bestowed upon its employees.

a) a; an
b) an; the
c) the; a
d) an; a

(v) At this time tomorrow we ………………………. our project details to ma’am.

a) are presenting
b) shall be presenting
c) have been presenting
d) will have presenting

(vi) The Komodo dragon …………… follow its prey till it will eventually die due to its venomous bite.

a) must
b) will
c) could
d) may

(i) d) need to
(ii) c) is
(iii) a) fewer
(iv)a) a, an
(v) b) shall be presenting
(vi)b) will

Q8. You are Tabassum/Tarun, a resident of Satya Nagar Colony, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. 
You are Vaijanthi/Vijay from Prakasham Nagar, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Q9. Write an Analytical Paragraph for digital devices purchased in Rishunagar
‘The ban on single-use plastic is impractical’- Analyse

LITERATURE (30 marks) -Answers will be uploaded soon
Q10. Answer ANY TWO questions in 20-30 words each, from (A) and (B) respectively. (2×4=8) (A) (any two) (2×2=4)

i. How did Peggy justify her cruel behaviour towards Wanda?

ANS: Peggy tries to defend herself by saying that her behaviour towards Wanda has inspired her to explore her drawing skills as she sketches a hundred dresses which makes her win the drawing contest. 

ii. Describe how Custard’s reaction was different from that of others, on seeing the pirate?

ANS: Custard who is usually timid and afraid of danger, becomes brave and fierce when he sees the pirate. While the other animals cower in fear, Custard rises to the occasion, fights the pirate, and saves the day. His reaction shows that even the most unlikely hero can find courage in the face of danger.

iii. Who, according to Nelson Mandela, is a courageous man?

ANS: According to Nelson Mandela, a courageous man is not one who has the strength to oppress others, but one who possesses the strength to be kind, compassionate, and forgiving in the face of oppression.

(B) (any two) (2×2=4)

i. Why did Oliver Lutkin’s mother laugh as she chased him and Bill away?

ii. Why was it important for Mrs Pumphrey to be a little cruel in order to be kind towards Tricki?

iii. List any one characteristic of Bholi’s teacher with reference to her first day at school. Give a reason for your answer.

Q11. Answer ANY TWO questions in 40-50 words each, from (A) and (B) respectively. (3×4=12) (A) (any two) (3×2=6)

i. Anne writes that it was fortunate that Mr Keesing took the joke the right way. Why does she feel so?

ANS: She felt so because Mr Keesing’s read out the poem about a duck family to the whole class. He laughed and added his own comments. Furthermore, he allowed Anne to talk from that day onwards and did not give her any more extra assignments

ii. The use of symbolism in the poem ‘Fire and Ice’ conveys the poet’s message effectively. Expand with reference to the poem.

ANS: Robert Frost’s poem “Fire and Ice” employs symbolism to effectively convey its message about the destructive potential of human passion. The use of fire and ice as symbols for desire and hatred, respectively, highlights their contrasting natures and their shared capacity to bring about destruction.

iii. Justify the poet’s allusion to Rapunzel in ‘Amanda’.

ANS: In “Amanda” poem, the poet references Rapunzel to illustrate the protagonist’s isolation from the world and her longing for freedom. The allusion highlights Amanda’s desire to escape her “tower” and find her place in the world, just as Rapunzel longed to leave her tower and explore.

(B) Answer any two in 40-50 words each. (3×2=6)

i. Griffin’s brilliance as a man of science fades before his darker traits. Comment.


ii. Why do you think Mr Weiherer was pleased that Richard Ebright not only put in the nightly research hours towards butterflies but also his other interests?


iii. What mademe Forestier exclaim in astonishment, when she saw Matilda, years after the Minister’s ball?

Q12. Answer ANYONE the following in 100-120 words. (5×1)
(A) Natalya and Ivan argued about the ownership of Oxen Meadows and the superiority of their respective dogs in the play, The Proposal. Imagine yourself as the playwright of the play. Based on your understanding of the personality traits of Natalya and Ivan, write a dialogue based on an imaginary event, showcasing another argument between them.
(B) Read the extracts given below and comment on the difference in the nature of help both the characters, of these two stories, received.
a) Suddenly I came out of the clouds and saw two straight lines of lights in front of me. It was a runway! An airport! I was safe! I turned to look for my friend in the black aeroplane but the sky was empty. [The Black Aeroplane]
b) All through the night Lencho thought only of his one hope: the help of God…The following Sunday, at daybreak he began to write a letter…It was nothing less than a letter to God…The following Sunday Lencho came a bit earlier than usual to ask if there was a letter for him…. Lencho showed not the slightest surprise on seeing the money, such was his confidence. [A Letter to God]

Q13. Answer ANY ONE of the following in 100-120 words. (5×1)
(A) Hari Singh says- “He knew it but neither his lips nor his eyes showed anything.” Anil successfully addressed the situation by not addressing it at all. Elaborate based on your reading of The Thief’s Story.
(B) Read the following quote by an American author, E. E. Hale.
“I am only one but, I am one. I cannot do everything but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I do.” Bholi’s evolution from a ‘dumb cow’ to a ‘masterpiece’ supports the given quote. Justify.

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