Class 10 English Conversation Questions – Valli and Anne Frank

Imagine Valli and Anne Frank meet and share their experiences of loneliness and secret adventures. Write a conversation between them. Show your creativity but maintain the characters’ identity.

Valli: Hi, my name is Valli. What’s your name?

Anne: Hi, I’m Anne. Nice to meet you.

Valli: Nice to meet you too. So, what brings you here?

Anne: I was hiding from the Nazis during World War II because I’m Jewish. I had to stay in a secret annexe for over two years.

Valli: That must have been really tough. I know how it feels to be lonely and scared. I used to ride the bus alone all day, to explore my city.

Anne: That sounds adventurous. I always wanted to see the world, but I was stuck inside most of the time. We had to be quiet during the day so no one would know we were there.

Valli: I understand. I had to keep my bus ride a secret from my family because they thought it was dangerous. But it was my way of escaping from reality and finding joy in small things.

Anne: That’s really brave of you. I wish I could have done something like that. Being isolated made me feel hopeless at times.

Valli: Yeah, loneliness can be really hard. But we both found ways to cope and keep ourselves going. That’s something to be proud of.

Anne: You’re right. I’m glad I met you, Valli. It’s nice to know that someone else understands what it’s like to have a secret adventure.

Valli: Same here, Anne. It’s been great talking to you.

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