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Unseen Passage with Multiple Choice Questions | CCT Weekly Practice English Unseen Passage

CCT English | Diksha Unseen Passage Class 10 | Competency-Based MCQ Class 9-12 | Skater Girl MCQ-based Unseen Passage

The Rajasthan Set of a Netflix film is Now Producing Champion Skaters. Skater Girl’s set, which is now a public park in Khempur, is training village children to skate for free. This Desert Dolphin Skate Park is located in Khempur, which is about 40km from Udaipur. Film sets usually die soon after a movie has been wrapped up. The set of the Netflix original movie, Skater Girl (released on 11 June 2021), has lived on and is producing sports stars. The movie revolves around a 16-year-old girl from a Rajasthan village who is introduced to skating through a chance encounter with a British-Indian woman, in Khempur, a village about 40km from Udaipur.

The sport changes her life in the movie, and the park is changing the lives of many other children in the village. Since the movie wrapped in 2019, the Desert Dolphin Skate Park has been the ground for training hundreds of village children to skate for free. Four kids from Khempur have gone on to represent Rajasthan in the National Skateboarding Championship in Chandigarh. A boy who was earlier considered “slow” took part in the competition and topped his district in Sanskrit. “He’s an expressive and creative child who just needed a catalyst to unleash his real talent and build his confidence. These kids who had never stepped on a skateboard before the skatepark was made, are now in state jerseys travelling for the first time outside their villages to take part in a national level championship,” says Manjari Makijany, the maker of Skater Girl and also the daughter of Mac Mohan, who played Sambha in the movie Sholay.

This Park sprawls across 14,500sq. ft and is open to all and has become a personal endeavour for Makijany and her producing partners. The family has set up a trust called The Living Grace Foundation to support the project. The organisation has been providing skateboards, safety equipment and training for free, to the children. Zeroing on the location was no easy task.

The filmmaker travelled thousands of kilometres through scorching summers to find the right location. While the vibrancy and picturesque backdrop of Rajasthan was one of the reasons they chose the state, they also wanted to pick a place where people would take to skating.”We had three prerequisites to lock a place: it had to have a rustic backdrop; have concrete roads so kids could skate, and there had to be over a thousand kids in and around the village so the skatepark could be beneficial to the local community after the film,” says Makijany. Khempur checked all three boxes for them. “The children of Khempur were some of the most creative ones we met—they had made makeshift skateboards out of wood and scrap material. We feel incredibly proud of these kids and how they’ve excelled overall at school and in skating.

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Multiple Choice Questions The Skater Girl Class 9-12 | CCT Weekly Practice English

Q 1 Pick the option that suitably paraphrases the following excerpt from the text. Film sets usually die soon after a movie has been wrapped up. The set of the Netflix original movie has lived on…

A.The personnel who worked on constructing the skate park shall continue to live in the memory of all.
B. The skate park set continues to be used since it was not dismantled after the shooting of the movie.
C. The shooting of the movie involved bringing a dead skate park to life and using it as a set.
D.The villagers of the movie destination felt alive during the shooting of the movie.

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Q 2 One of the reasons why Makijany chose Khempur is because she was aware that

A. its summer would bring out the uncomfortable living conditions.
B .the village had children who were creative and fit.
C. lack of concrete roads would make village scenes seem authentic.
D. a large number of children would eventually benefit from the created set.

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Q 3 Pick the feature of a dolphin that makes it an appropriate choice for being included in the name of the desert skate park at Khempur.

A. Dolphins have a tapered streamlined body that’s thick near the centre and tapers down towards the ends.
B. Dolphins communicate through clicks, whistles, and slapping the water’s surface with their tail and bodies.
C. Dolphins are playful and are known for the aerial acrobatics they do out of the water.
D. Dolphins must rise regularly to the surface to breathe.

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Q 4 According to the lines given below, What kind of people are Makijany and her producing partners? This Park …is open to all and has become a personal endeavour for Makijany and her producing partners.

A. philanthropists.
B. Stalwarts
C. Consultants
D. Socialites

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Q 5 Select the option with an appropriate Cause-Effect relationship, as per the text.

A. Boy excelled overall at schoolSkateboarding built confidence
B. Boy topped in Sanskrit Creative and confident
C. Creative and confident boyexcelled overall, at school
D. Skateboarding built confidence boy topped in Sanskrit

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Prepared by:- (CBSE) Ms Ruchi Sengar, Delhi.

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