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The following Unseen Passage with MCQ Questions and Answers have been sourced from CBSE Question Paper 2020 class 10. This passage communicates some interesting facts about The Dancing Girl of Mohenjo-Daro. Students must develop a habit of learning from the comprehension passages. This passage can be solved by students of classes 9-12.

Pre-Reading Recommended: The Dancing Girl is a bronze statuette created over 4,500 years ago. It was found in the ancient Mohenjo-Daro site in 1926. The bronze girl was made using the lost-wax casting technique and shows the expertise of the people in making bronze works during that time.

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Class 10 English Sample Paper 2023-24 with Solutions (Code 184)

CBSE Unseen Passage MCQ with Solutions | Caged behind thick glass, Dancing Girl Passage

1. Caged behind thick glass, the most famous dancer in the world can easily be missed in the National Museum, Delhi. The Dancing Girl of Mohenjo-Daro is a rare artefact that even school children are familiar with. Our school textbooks also communicate the wealth of our 5000-year heritage of art. You have to be alert to her existence there, amid terracotta animals to rediscover this bronze image.

Dancing girl passage answers

2. Most of us have seen her only in photographs or sketches, therefore, the impact of actually holding her is magnified a million times over. One discovers that the dancing girl has no feet. She is small, a little over 10 cm tall – the length of a human palm – but she surprises us with the power of great art – the ability to communicate across centuries.

3. A series of bangles – of shell or ivory or thin metal – clothe her left upper arm all the way down to her fingers. A necklace with three pendants bunched together and a few bangles above the elbow and wrist on the right-hand display almost modern art.

4. She speaks of the undaunted, ever-hopeful human spirit. She reminds us that it is important to visit museums in our country to experience the impact that a work of art leaves on our senses, and to find among all the riches one particular vision of beauty that speaks to us.

How to Solve Unseen passage with MCQ (Tips and Tricks)
CCE Weekly Practice | Jonathan Tortoise Unseen Passage

Answer the following multiple-choice questions based on the unseen passage given above.

(a) Mohenjo-Daro
(b) Greek culture
(c) Homosapiens
(d) Tibet

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(a) dancing figures
(b) Bronze statues
(c) terracotta animals
(d) books

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(a) The girl is caged behind glass
(b) She is a rare artefact
(c) School books communicate the wealth of our heritage
(d) She cannot be rediscovered as she’s bronze

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(a) There are various statues in the museum
(b) It is very small
(c) It does not impress
(d) It is placed among old sketches

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(a) it appeals to us despite the passage of time.
(b) it is small and can be understood.
(c) it’s seen in pictures and sketches.
(d) it’s magnified a million times.

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(a) consists of bangles of shell, ivory or thin metal.
(b) is a necklace with two pendants.
(c) both (i) and (ii) are correct.
(d) neither (i) nor (ii) is correct.

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(a) of the never-say-die attitude of humans.
(b) why museums in our country are exciting.
(c) why she will make us come into money.
(d) of dancing figures.

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(a) in between
(b) out of all
(c) all of them
(d) out of two

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(a) True
(b) False

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Extra Questions for The Dancing Girl Unseen Passage MCQ

9 According to the given passage, the art ………………..
(a) leaves an impression on one’s senses
(b) gives us hope
(c) does not communicate
(d) speaks about textbooks

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10 The passage attempts to ………………… the readers.
(a) provoke
(b) evoke
(c) rebuke
(d) warm

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Evoke Meaning: to produce a memory of something

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