Article Writing Class 12 (While Reading about New Places)

It is an article writing question from class 12 CBSE sample paper 2021. Read the sample answer given below and try to add more ideas to it.
While reading about new places in the comfort zone of our bedroom or living room gives immense pleasure, actual travelling would have greater benefits for you. So, fasten your shoelaces and get ready to go beyond your bubble.

Q9. Attempt ANY ONE of the following. (1x 5)
(A) While reading about new places and searching for them online has its merits, the advantages of actually travelling to various destinations far exceed them. Write an article in 120-150 words for the magazine Travel Times, evaluating both these options.
You may use the cues given below along with your own ideas. You are Amrit/ Amrita.
Source: Class 12 CBSE Sample Paper 2021

analysis, using appropriate format and fluency, appropriacy of style and tone evaluation, using appropriate format and fluency, appropriacy of style and tone
  • Builds confidence
  • Make friends and memories
  • Experience new cultures
  • Expands knowledge

Article Writing Examples Class 12 | While Reading about New Places |

Reading vs Visiting new places

The Internet has provided a plethora of opportunities to read about new places. The ever-increasing trend of sharing vlog videos has made it even more interesting to watch peoples’ journeys and experiences in new places. It saves time and money. Still, the advantages of actually travelling to various destinations far exceed reading and searching about them. The climate of a place is best felt than reading or seeing. Sometimes strangers met during trips tend to make lifelong friendships.
The taste of local cuisines and fruits and vegetables grown locally comes only when a person travels to that place. The travel magazines cannot deliver the taste. Reading a travelogue opens up only the partial view of a place that the writer was interested in. Although reading about new places can help the traveller plan their journey beforehand, the real fun lies in travelling to new places. 

More Benefits of Travelling

  1. Comprehend something new
  2. Understand yourself
  3. Find new hobbies
  4. Richer experiences
  5. Broaden your horizon and outlook toward life
  6. Spend time with family away from professional life
  7. Break the monotony and bring a change in life
  8. Self-confidence increases
  9. Stay alone and meditate
  10. Improvement in communication skills

Merits of Reading about New Places

  1. Knowledge expansion about new places
  2. New Ideas
  3. Reading and comprehensive skills enhance
  4. Advance planning for a vacation
  5. Increased focus and concentration
  6. Bibliotherapy saves from anxiety and depression

CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 Marking Scheme

CBSEMarking Scheme and format
5 Marks: Format: 1 / Content: 2 /
Expression: 2 [ 1coherence and
cohesion + 1 accuracy])
(A) Article
Format of the Article
By line (name, class)
(may be listed at the end too)
Body (split into
Article Writing – Travelling
Note – Since the question speaks of evaluating both options, it must include value points for both- reading
about places and actually travelling to them – to create a robust article.
Paragraph 1
Suggested value points with regards to reading/surfing about places-
• Food for the mind- educates one about different cultures
• Educates one about distinct histories
• Preview into cultures, know about experiences of other travellers
Paragraph 2
Suggested value points with regards to travelling to places-
• builds confidence- by exposing one to new experiences
• opportunities to make friends- gives a chance to meet new people/widen horizons/ create contacts that might be helpful in future ( may use examples for the same)
• make memories – spend time with friends/ family/ self-photographs, blogs, videos etc.
• experience new cultures- be a part of different cultures by spending time with people/ partaking in festivities etc.
• expands knowledge via experience—pick up a language/ understand a country’s demography etc.
Paragraph 3
• Relevant conclusion based on the discussion in the paragraphs above.
Accept any other relevant point(s)
CBSE 2021English Core Sample Paper Class 12

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